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Leave balances — FAQs and troubleshooting for admins
Leave balances — FAQs and troubleshooting for admins

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding your employees' leave balances.

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🎯 For advanced admins with full access to Planday. If you do not see the leave option as a manager, have your Planday admin assign you higher access.

If you're an employee and you're looking for answers about Holiday, you can go to Time off in our Planday app for employees - FAQs.

Make sure you approve all shifts that count towards accrual and you approve all requests before the accounts expires, otherwise if you're using carry-over accounts, they would be created with the wrong balance.

Viewing and exporting leave balances

How can I view the overall accrued balances?

You can view them under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence account).

The accrued balance might appear lower than you expect. This is because the start of the period is set by default to the first day of the current month and not the start date of the spending or accruing period of the account.

In order to see the overall accrued and used balances you need to change the period to the start date of the accruing period until today’s date.

In the example above, the start date of the period is set to the first day of the current month and the balance accrued only shows 0.12 days.
By changing the start date of the period to the day when the employee should start accruing days and setting the end date of the period to today’s date, the employee has accrued 3.98 days.

If no end date is selected, the system will take into account the end date of the spending period of the account.

Why is the available balance of a leave account different than expected?

Suppose one of your employees has taken many holiday days. However, the available balance in the overview under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) is higher than you would expect. It could be that there are leave requests approved in the future, and the period you selected in the overview doesn’t cover future holidays.
You would therefore need to change the period end date or remove it completely to have the correct available balance.

Tip: The account balance you see depends on the selected period.

Why can’t I see the initial account balance of a future leave account?

If you’re using automatic renewal of accounts and you have a fixed account whose validity date is set in the future, the start balance of this account will show 0 it’s because the period's start date is set to a date before the validity date of the account.
You would then need to match the period's start date to the account's start date.

Why does the holiday balance in the leave accounts overview differ from the balance shown when you click on the individual account?

When you click on a leave account, Planday gives you the balance as of today. So if you want to see that on the leave accounts overview, you will need to enter today's date as the period end date. Otherwise, Planday will take into account future holidays and accruals.

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Why is the available balance different on the app than on the web?

  • On the app, the available balance will include both the approved holiday and the unapproved holiday but if you press on the account, you'll see a detail of:

    • the balance to date (includes the approved holiday but doesn’t include the unapproved holiday) and

    • the available balance (includes both the approved and the unapproved holiday)

  • On the web version of Planday, the available balance doesn’t include the unapproved holiday.

How can I export leave accounts' balances?

Export the available balance of your employees’ leave accounts by going to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts).

  • Adjust the period to have the right balance.

  • Select the account status

  • In the Filters, choose which Departments, Employee groups, Employee types and Leave accounts you want to extract the report for.

  • Then click on Export in the top right corner

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Editing leave balances

How do I transfer holiday days or hours over from an expired leave account to a new leave account?

You have two options. You can either:

  • Use the carry-over accounts. This way, any unused balance will be transferred to a new account. It’s an option you would need to enable in the leave policy’s settings. To learn more about this, go to How to set up and manage carry-over leave.

  • Or if you’re not using the carry over accounts, you can manually add the remaining balance by making an adjustment to the employee’s new leave account.

I’d like to add a day to someone’s leave account or deduct a day without actually booking them a holiday, can I do this?

Yes, you can. You just need to make a manual adjustment to the employee’s leave account. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Edit the employee’s holiday account either from their profile in the Leave overview tab or from the Leave accounts overview under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts)

  • In the Manual adjustments section, click on Edit

  • Add or deduct days or hours

Learn more about Manual adjustments in How to make adjustments to leave balance.


I’ve deactivated an employee and I must pay their remaining holiday balance. How do I do that?

You can export a leave account report. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts)

  • Set the dates in the Period filter from the start of the accruing period to the day the employee is deactivated

  • Choose All in Account status

  • Click on Filters and choose the holiday account

  • Click on Export

The final column Leave pay - at the end day of the period filter in the export will give you the amount to pay.

Tip: It’s advised to delete their future holiday in order to get an accurate figure of the accrued leave that they are owed in their final pay. To do so, go to Schedule > Absence requests (or Leave requests) > Adjust the period filter > Choose the statuses Approved and Pending > Find the leave requests > Edit them and click on Deny.

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