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April 2024 Product updates
April 2024 Product updates
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At Planday, we constantly improve features to make shift work more human. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in our product. Explore the overview of recent updates we've released and those that are coming soon.

Some of these features may be limited to select Planday organisations or regions, with full availability gradually extending to all. If you want to try something early, contact our support team.​

Planday web updates:

Revenue page: Yearly revenue and monthly calendar views updated

In response to your feedback, we've enhanced the date selector for reviewing Revenue and Budgeting data to provide a more precise representation of the information:

  • Weeks: Auto-selects the calendar month so you can focus on the month's worth of data.

  • Months: Auto-selects the calendar year, making it easy to switch between years using the navigational buttons.

This should make reviewing monthly or yearly revenue data effortless when making essential budgeting decisions. screenshot.001.png

In Planday, go to Reports > Revenue, select the dropdown View data by, and select Weeks or Months.

See FAQs on Revenue

For Planday customers on Plus and above.

Account page: Simplified payment experience!

Managing your payments in Planday has just become a lot easier. Here's what you can do:

  • Add, update, and switch between auto-pay methods with ease.

  • No more having to raise a ticket to get your payment details updated.

Go to Account > Overview > Payment details > Edit to update your auto-pay options.

We support the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card (All regions)

  • Betalingsservice (Denmark)

  • AutoGiro (Sweden)

  • SEPA (Germany)

  • Direct Debit (United Kingdom)

As an added bonus, we now display whether your credit card is valid or expired. screenshot.001.png

See the article: What are my payment options.

Leave policy page*: Audit log of deleted leave policies

Now, you have the ability to see previously deleted leave policies and examine their settings to understand the rules they were based on. Additionally, you can identify the individual responsible for deleting a policy by accessing the History tab within a deleted policy. This is handy if you have multiple admins managing Planday.

Go to Settings > Leave & Overtime > Policies > Status to toggle between Active or Deleted policies.

For Planday customers on Plus and above.

Schedule page: Shift drag and drop made easy [UK only*]

We've addressed a significant inconvenience regarding assigning open shifts to employees outside the specified employee group for the shift.

Previously, attempting to drag a shift to an employee outside the designated group would result in an error. With the latest update*, you now have the option to adjust the employee group directly on the shift. If the employee belongs to multiple groups, you can choose the appropriate one from a dropdown menu and assign the shift accordingly.

This improvement provides greater flexibility in planning your schedule, allowing you to make immediate decisions when assigning shifts while maintaining efficiency within the scheduling interface.

* For Planday customers in the UK on the Starter plan, coming soon to all.

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