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May 2024 Product updates
May 2024 Product updates
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At Planday, we constantly improve features to make shift work more human. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in our product. Explore the overview of recent updates we've released and those that are coming soon.

Some of these features may be limited to select Planday organisations or regions, with full availability gradually extending to all. If you want to try something early, contact our support team.


What’s new in the Schedule page

  • Improved drag-and-drop — It is now much easier to drag-and-drop a shift by scrolling on the schedule. As shown in last month's update, this improvement is now available for all Planday organisations.

  • Merged Print and Export options under Tools — The Print and Export options to download files (PDF or CSV) are now combined into one item Export this view. Try it out under the Tools dropdown on the Schedule page. screenshot.001.png

  • Improved messaging and interface when applying a template — When applying a Schedule template, there is an update to the interface with the following improvements:

    1. You can see which weeks will be affected by the changes.

    2. Applying a template multiple times will accurately reflect the dates shown.

    3. You can click arrows to preview each week and see how the template will affect your schedule and any existing shifts. screenshot.001.png

Updates to the Revenue page

  • Revenue Last Year Comparison — Compare current revenue with last year's revenue. This feature allows you to quickly see how your current revenue compares to the same period last year, helping you identify growth patterns and seasonal trends. screenshot.001.png
  • Custom Date Range Selection — View data within a custom date range instead of fixed periods. This feature provides more flexibility, allowing you to select any date range that fits your specific needs for a more tailored and accurate data analysis.

  • Yearly Data Aggregation — See data aggregated by years. This feature offers a broader view of your performance over multiple years, giving you a clear picture of long-term trends and changes. screenshot.001.png

Try these updates by going to your Planday organisation > Reports > Revenue page > Compare last year.

Learn more about Revenue in Planday.

To use this feature, you need to be a Planday Administrator on a Plus plan or above.​

Coming soon:


The way to view and approve all hours worked is changing during June*. Timesheets will help you easily see all hours worked, shift details, and paid hours for each shift. With the new overview, you can efficiently fix incorrect data and be sure not to miss important shift details before payroll. More information will follow; stay tuned! screenshot.001.png

Learn more about how Timesheets work in Planday.

* For Planday customers based in the UK and Ireland only.

Planday app updates:

The following app updates were released to a few Planday organisations and are now available to a wider group*.

  • Punch-In Reminders: With the new Punch in reminders, you'll never miss the start of your shift again. Just like a friendly tap on the shoulder from your favourite coworker, it's here to make your life easier.

  • Not allowed to use the phone during your shift? Say hello to live shift activity on your lock screen! It's like taking a sneak peek at the recipe before it's cooked. Stay informed and stay ahead of your shift without opening your phone. (Available on phones with lock screen widgets support.)

Accurate punch reminders and real-time shift stats reduce the likelihood of missing punch-ins, freeing up your time from correcting entries and allowing you to focus on more important tasks. These notifications can be set by employees on their Planday app and require no set up from admins.

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android or iOS, updating to newer versions as they are released.
Download Planday app for Android
Download Planday app for iPhone

* For all Planday customers based in the UK and Ireland using Punch Clock to track time.

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