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Timesheets is a streamlined way of approving hours worked, finding all shift details, and correcting payroll - in one place.

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🎯 For Admins and Schedule managers with access to relevant Departments.

What are Timesheets?

The Timesheets page is your home for managing and approving worked hours, breaks, and Punch Clock entries all in one place.

With the timesheet approval process, you can compare employees' scheduled hours with their actual worked hours and see if an employee was scheduled for paid or unpaid breaks. If a timesheet entry conflicts with any predefined rules in Planday, such as Working time rules or Punch Clock deviations, you can choose an appropriate Shift type or split the shift as needed before approving it for payroll. If there are any missing Punch Clock entries, you can edit them and approve them right from the Timesheets page.

Get an overview of Timesheets

You can go to the Timesheets page from different locations in Planday:

  • Pending actions widget on the Home dashboard.

  • Planday > Timesheets from the top menu.

  • Requests widget on the Overview page of the Planday app.

On the Timesheets page, you can see all the pending entries waiting for approval.

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​1. You have the following options to filter and customise what you see:

  • Interval β€” You can choose a specific period to review, such as day, week (default), or month. Select a timeframe to see timesheet entries in that interval.

  • Departments β€” You can view timesheets of employees from all departments (default) or select a specific department for approval.

  • Employees β€” You can view timesheets of all employees (default) from the selected department(s) or filter for a specific employee.

  • Status β€” You can see timesheets by status 🟠 Pending (default). If you or another manager approved entries, you can review them by changing the status to 🟒 Approved or All.

In addition, you'll be able to see the following in the timesheet list view to assist with the review:

2. Paid hours β€” This column displays the total hours the employee worked, excluding any unpaid hours such as breaks or shifts marked without pay, giving the total number of hours the employee will be paid for.

3. Status β€” Timesheets with any of the following will be flagged with an information icon:

  • Comments left by employees when punching in or out.

  • Missing punch-out times.

  • Working time rule violations (if you have any set up).

  • Split shift suggestions (if you have any set up).

You can approve a flagged timesheet by editing the entry, reviewing the information, and approving it individually.

4. Manage columns β€” Customise your view by clicking the settings icon and selecting the columns that suit your approval needs.

Details of a timesheet entry

View a detailed timesheet entry by clicking the edit icon.

Here's what you'll see:

1. Basic shift information

  • Scheduled time: Planned duration of the shift.

  • Punch time: Actual clock-in and clock-out times.

  • Any comments from Punch Clock.

2. Breakdown of hours

  • Distribution of hours in the shift, including paid and unpaid breaks.

  • Depending on your setup, hours may be split into different shift types for Time off in lieu or Working time rules.

3. Summarised timesheet hours

  • Total hours worked.

  • Breakdown of unpaid and paid hours.

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