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Get an overview of how to set up and manage revenue in Planday.

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🎯 For admins looking to use the revenue feature in Planday.

The revenue feature is only available from the Plus plan and up.

To help you use revenue in Planday, consider the following flow:

Create revenue units

Whether you insert your sales manually in Planday or use a POS integration to import them into Planday, you’ll need to create revenue units or cost centres first.

Note: Learn more about this in Create revenue units.

Good to know: You can create several revenue units per department but you can’t have several departments attached to the same unit.

Set up your budgets or revenue forecasts

Setting up budgets allows you to compare your payroll costs against your revenue forecasts. You can set daily, weekly or monthly forecasts. You can use the payroll percentage target to see if you’re below or on target.

Record your daily sales

You can enter a daily revenue (or daily sales) to assess your labour costs in relation to your revenue.
Actual revenue can be inserted manually or imported via a POS integration.

Learn more about this in Record your daily sales.

View revenue on the schedule

Once you have your units, your budgets and your actual revenue in place, you can view the revenue figures on the schedule so you can schedule more efficiently and use the payroll percentage target, to see if you’re below, on or above target.

See an overview of your payroll costs vs revenue

If you’re doing payroll costs versus revenue forecasting, you can get an overview of your payroll costs vs revenue under Reports > Revenue.

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