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Introduction to the Planday app for employees
Introduction to the Planday app for employees

Get an introduction to the basic functionality of using the Planday mobile app as an employee.

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🎯 For employees new to Planday.

Welcome to Planday! This guide will help you familiarise yourself with the various features of the Planday mobile app.

Download the free Planday app

If you still need to, download the Planday app for free from your device's App Store by searching for Planday Employee Scheduling. The app works on most Android and iPhone devices.

  • You will need a Planday URL from your manager to log in.

  • Your username will be your email address.

  • Your password can be set up by clicking the invite sent by your manager to your email.

Can't find your Planday URL?

If you don’t know the Planday address of your company:

  1. Enter your email address.

  2. If your email is associated with a Planday organisation, you'll receive a link to log in.

  3. Check your Inbox (and Spam folder) and follow the instructions.

Log in to your Planday organisation

You can login to Planday app in two ways.

If you don't know your Planday URL

  • From the log in screen, type your email address to receive a login link sent to your mailbox.

  • Open your email app and press the URL. It will return you to the app where you can continue the login process by entering your email and password.


If you know your Planday URL

  • From the log in screen, tap Log in with URL.

  • Type your company's Planday URL, then type your credentials to log in.


See your day's overview

After logging in, you will see an overview screen with information that matters to you the most. You will use this screen to punch in when you arrive at work and punch out when you finish your shift.

The overview screen also has a link to your profile, assigned shifts, available open shifts, company news, or any upcoming events.


Update your language, notification preferences, and personal details by tapping your Profile icon in the top right.

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Set your profile & language settings

Tap on your profile icon from the Overview screen to enter your Profile section. Here you can:

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Use Punch Clock for accurate time tracking

If your company is using the Punch Clock tool, you can punch in and out at the beginning and end of your shift, as well as during breaks (if your Planday admin has activated this function). This will track your actual working time down to the minute.

You have the option to adjust notification settings to remind you when your shift is about to start and when it's time to clock out.

When you punch in or out, it's helpful to add a comment if you were late or worked overtime. This allows your manager to review and approve your hours with the correct information, ensuring accuracy in your payment.

See all your upcoming shifts

Under Your shifts section, you can easily view a brief summary of your upcoming assigned shifts. Simply tap on a shift to find out details such as your colleagues for the day, your work location, and any important notes from your manager. If your Planday admin has enabled it, you may also have the option to swap, handover, or sell your shift to your colleagues.

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Apply for open shifts

Open shifts are available shifts that are up for grabs. These can also include shifts put on sale by your colleagues. You can ask to take these open and available shifts by pressing Request shift. Usually, a manager has to approve your request before the shift can be yours.

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Communicate with your colleagues

Messaging & Inbox

Planday has a messenger built into the app, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues without remembering their contact details. You can use this system to send direct messages to your colleagues, communicate with your team or send company-wide messages.

Besides messages from your team, you will also receive Planday alerts here regarding updates to your shifts, changes to the schedule or swap requests.

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Read News & Attend Events

The News area in the app informs you about news, general information or last-minute changes. Check the news regularly to stay up to date.

The Events section is used to organise parties, company outings, courses or other events. Depending on the event, your manager may ask you to confirm or cancel your participation.

Learn more in the News and Events article.

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Do more on the app

By pressing More in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you'll find more options in your Planday app. In this section, you can manage your requests, see your shifts, your worked hours, register your holiday or availability and much more. ⬇️

Swap requests and pending actions

To manage your shifts with colleagues, simply select a future shift and choose to swap it with a colleague's or hand it over to someone else. In the More > Requests section, you can easily see all the swaps and pending action requests from your colleagues. From here, you have the option to accept or decline the exchange, as well as check the status of your own requests.

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Please note:

It's important to note that shift swaps usually require approval from your manager before they become final.

See your approved and scheduled hours

To view an overview and total of your approved and scheduled hours and shifts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on More in the Planday app.

  2. Select Your hours.

  3. You'll see the information displayed per month, showing a summary of your hours.

  4. The start date aligns with your company's pay period set by the administrator.

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Set your availability

If your Planday administrator has enabled this function, you can mark when you are available to work and when you are not. Availability makes it easier for schedule managers to offer you open shifts or see if you are free for work.

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View a list of your colleagues

If your Planday administrator has enabled access to the People page, you'll see a comprehensive listing of your colleagues, along with their contact information. This page also provides insights into each person's department and assigned role on the schedule.


You'll see the list of your colleagues and their contact information only if they have their contact information set to public.

Apply for leave

If your Planday admin has enabled this option, you'll be able to request leave directly from the app.

Under Time off, you can request leave and see an overview of your Absence accounts and their balances, as well as your pending and actioned requests.

Find more information in How to apply for leave or absence.

Please note:

If you're having issues when you request leave, check with your manager that you have an active absence account. For Admins see this troubleshooting guide.

View your documents and sign your contract

Under Documents, you'll find the general documents that your employer has uploaded, like, for example, the employee handbook. You'll also find your payslips, along with your contracts and other signed or any pending unsigned documents.

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ℹ️ Need more help?

Contact your Planday admin or leader for guidance on how to use Planday.

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