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Tevalis integration – How to use Tevalis ePOS to clock in and out
Tevalis integration – How to use Tevalis ePOS to clock in and out

Tevalis ePOS integration with Planday allows you to send your employees' clocking times automatically from Tevalis to Planday

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By connecting your Tevalis ePOS to Planday, your employees' clocking times are automatically sent from Tevalis to Planday.

Once complete, your employees can clock in and out from Tevalis, and their clock entries will appear directly in Planday's Punch Clock. Clock times with a start and end time are automatically fetched by Planday every 5 min for the past 48 hours.

Clock times will be visible directly on the shift or inside the Punch Clock menu in Schedule > Punch Clock. If there is a note attached in Tevalis, it will appear as a comment in Planday with the header: Tevalis integration.

Preparing the integration

Centralised users

The integration requires that you use Centralised users in Tevalis so that users can be mapped between the systems. This means that your users must be managed in the centralised manager application in Tevalis. This is a prerequisite to identifying the user's clock entries from Tevalis and matching them to the correct shifts in Planday.

After the integration is launched your employees will be managed in Planday and their details exported to Tevalis. The following information will be exported:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Employee group

Request details from Tevalis

Before you can set up the integration, contact Tevalis support to request the following details:

  • Your Tevalis Company ID

  • Your Tevalis GUID

  • Your Tevalis GUID2

If you are not provided with two different guids, please make a request to Tevalis support to have their API team create the Tevalis GUID2.

The next step is to verify that existing users have identical names in both Tevalis and Planday.

If you are already a Planday and Tevalis customer and have your users created in both systems, you need to make an initial sync of existing employees. This will provide the users in Tevalis with an external ID from Planday, so Planday can recognise the users in Tevalis.

Activate the Tevalis integration

Connect to Tevalis

💡If you have several Planday organizations, you can only connect one Tevalis account to one Planday organization. Connecting the same Tevalis account to different Planday organisations will disconnect it.

  • Log into Planday and go to Settings > Integrations > Overview.

  • Find the Tevalis integration in the Time & Attendance category and select Add.

  • Enter the company ID and both of the secrets which you received from Tevalis support.

  • Press connect. If the connection fails, please check that you have entered the correct connection details from Tevalis.

  • Next, turn on Push employee data and Tevalis Time Clock

Export of existing employees

If you already have users in Planday and Tevalis you can make an initial mapping of these users with the following steps.

  • On the integrations, page open the Tevalis Time & Attendance integration with the Manage button. Next, select Show details and you will see a list of your employees.

  • Select each Employee group that you want sent to Tevalis. Please note that the Planday Employee groups will overwrite existing groups in Tevalis.

  • Finally, select the Push now button to export the users to Tevalis. Users that already exist in Tevalis will be updated with the Employee group and external ID. Employees that do not yet exist in Tevalis will be created.

New employees

Going forward, new employees only need to be created in Planday. Then, instead of also creating the same user in Tevalis, you will simply go to the Tevalis Time and Attendance integration on the integrations page in Planday and select the Employee group the new employee is in. Here you can use the Push now button to add them to Tevalis.

Start using the time clock integration

Importing Tevalis clock times

Now that the integration is connected and your employees are mapped between Planday and Tevalis the integration will start importing clock times from Tevalis. Time clock entries will be imported every 5 minutes for the past 48 hours. Please note that only time clock entries with both a clock in and a clock out time in Tevalis are imported.

Automatic breaks set up in Planday will be applied to shifts with time clock entries imported from Tevalis.

Please note: Manual breaks in Planday will not work with this integration.
Please note: Clock in and out in Tevalis for breaks will not work with this integration.

Planday rounding rules will be applied to the imported time clock entries from Tevalis when they are matched to a shift in Planday.

How time clock entries from Tevalis are matched to shifts in Planday

If you are curious to understand how time clock entries are matched to the specific shifts in Planday, you can review the set of rules that determines this below.

  1. If an employee has 1 shift on a day, the time clock entries are matched to the shift regardless of the difference between the clock times and shift times.

  2. If an employee has 2 consecutive shifts on a day (e.g. 8-14 + 14-17) the integration will match both shifts by following: Shift 1: Time in – 14 Shift 2: 14 – Time out

  3. If an employee has 2 non-consecutive shifts on a day, the integration will work as below: If both the clock in/out times have a difference of less than 1 hour, it will match the shifts. If punch in exceeds a 1-hour difference and punch out has less than a 1-hour difference for the shift times, it will match the shift. If the clock in has less than a 1-hour difference and the clock out has more than a 1-hour difference from the shift times, it will match. If both punch in and punch out times exceed an hour difference from shift times, it will NOT match to any shifts.
    In this case, no time clock entry is imported, and you will have to verify the punch times with the employee and manually update the times in Planday.

You're now ready to start using the integration so you can approve shifts when your employees' time clock information from Tevalis arrives in Planday!

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