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Square integration – Setup guide with Planday
Square integration – Setup guide with Planday

Automate the import of your revenue data from Square into Planday.

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🎯 This integration is available for Planday admins in the following countries only:

  • Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

For availability in other countries, contact Planday support.

With Planday you can connect your Square merchant accounts and automatically import revenue data from different Square Locations into Planday Revenue units.

Requirements for the integration

For this integration to work, two prerequisites in Planday must be completed.

Setup Revenue units in Planday

To get this integration working, you must map Planday’s Revenue units with Square’s Locations to fetch revenue data.

Before setting up the integration, create at least one Revenue unit in every Department where you wish to import revenue.

To set up a revenue unit in Planday, go to Settings > Under the Reports heading, press Revenue > Create.

When setting up a Revenue unit, make sure to select Enter daily revenue for every unit you want to map and also select Include in total revenue.

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For detailed steps, see How to configure revenue in Planday.

Create Shifts on business days where revenue should be imported

Revenue can only be imported into business days of your schedule. To create a business day in your schedule, make sure to schedule at least one Shift for the given day.

Setup the integration in Planday

Follow these steps to find, connect and configure the integration.

Find and connect the integration

Once the prerequisites have been completed, go to Settings > Integrations > Overview. Switch to the Point of Sale tab to see all available POS integrations or search for the integration name from the search bar.

Click Connect on the Square tile to open the integration editor.
During this step, the integration gains access to Planday data.

Connect new merchant

Connect one or more Square merchants (i.e., Square accounts) in the first card in the integration editor.

To connect a Square account, click the Connect merchant button, which will open a Square log-in screen in a new window.

Please note:

Make sure your browser is not blocking pop-up windows, in which case the Square log-in window will not open.

After signing in, check the Merchants table, which shows your newly connected account. The green status icon 🟢 will inform you that the connection is set up correctly.

In case of issues with the Square account connection, a dedicated status and an orange status light 🟠 will be displayed in the table.

Data import settings

When at least one merchant is connected successfully, you can complete the integration setup by specifying other settings and mappings.

Start import at - Choose an hour. The integration imports revenue once daily at the hour specified in the Start import at field. The imports will take place within the specified hour, typically close to the start of the hour.

Get data from the past - Choose the number of days. This field allows you to specify how many days worth of data should be imported. The minimum number of days is 1, meaning the integration only imports data from the previous day.

  • When selecting more than one day, previously imported revenue on mapped Revenue units is overwritten during every import. It is possible the imported values can change over the first several days as payments get processed on Square’s side. The integration imports only payments marked as Complete in Square.

Click Save to confirm all changes. If you want to discard the changes, simply close the window.

Map Locations and Revenue units

Click the Link location button in the Locations card to open the mapping window.
At least one Revenue unit in Planday is required for this step.

The linking page shows all Revenue units and allows you to select any Square Location to map. It is possible to map multiple Revenue units to one Square location and vice versa.

Click Save to accept all changes. Alternatively, close the window or click the Back button to discard the changes.

The integration will fetch the data from Square on your selected import time.

To verify in Planday: Open the Schedule page on Planday. Press the View settings button, turn on the Revenue toggle to reveal revenue values at the bottom of each Schedule day.

Revenue imported for a given revenue unit is displayed in the Daily revenue pop-up.

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