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What is the Create Employee form?

Each of your employees has a profile in Planday where various information and personal data can be entered and managed. Which fields should be present in the employee form and how the information is shared within your Planday can be customised according to your operational needs.

How to customise the Create Employee form

You can customise the Employee form for Planday by navigating to Settings > People > Employee form setup.

Here, you can see and decide what sections and fields are available, the layout of the profile, and who can access or edit data fields (depending on the user's access level).

💡 For help with adding more selection options to the Gender field, see the article on archiving the gender field. Click here if you want to edit the visibility of employee information.

On the page, you will see an overview of how your employee form is currently set up. There are default categories for Information, Address, Payroll and Miscellaneous. You have a few options for editing, which are presented in this article.

A. Manage order

If you press the Manage order button, you can adjust in which order the sections will appear and reorder the fields in each section. Click Expand at the top of the list to reorder fields within a section.

B. Add section

Press Add section button to add new sections to your employee profile. Adding a new section will allow you to add more fields to that section.

C. Edit a field

Press the edit field ✏️ icon to open and edit information on an existing field.

D. Archive a field

By pressing the archive field 📥 icon, you can remove fields you no longer need. All your archived fields can be found at the bottom of the page, and you can always recover a field if required.

E. Add field

You can add new custom fields to different sections by pressing the Add field button. Each custom field added will be a part of your employee's profile.

F. Name

This will be the field name visible in your employee's profiles.

G. Types

Types define what information can be input in the field.

  • Text - Text, numbers, and symbols can be used as input.

  • Numeric - Only numbers can be added.

  • Dropdown - Create your own dropdown choices.

  • Date - Select a date from a calendar.

  • True / False - Checkbox.

  • Picture - Allows an image file to be uploaded with the form.

H. Manager settings

Defines Access levels for the fields by letting you choose who can view, enter or edit the information.

Show field - if the field should be visible when creating or editing.
Allow editing - if the entered value can be edited.
Required field - if the Managers are required to fill out the field.

I. Employee settings

Defines the employee's permissions for the field in their own profile.

Show field - if the field should be visible to the employee.
Allow editing - if the employee should be able to edit the value in the field.
Required field - if the employee is required to fill out the field.

The employee form in the use

From the admin view, you can find the employee form as follows: People > select desired staff > Edit employee > in the Edit Employee screen, select Personal details from the menu bar (see screenshot).

Planday EN Screenshots for HC.001.png

This section appears as the employee profile area by navigating to their name at the top right of their screen and clicking Edit from the dropdown.

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