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Open shifts, Shift requests and Shift swaps
Open shifts, Shift requests and Shift swaps
Learn about these dynamic scheduling options and how to manage these changes on the Schedule.
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🎯 For admins. Learn about Creating and editing shifts here. Familiarise yourself with the Scheduling on Planday here.

💡 If you as an employee are using Planday to request Open shifts, Swap your shifts, transfer or hand over shifts, visit the articles Open shifts or How to swap, transfer or hand over shifts.

What are Open shifts?

On Planday, it is possible to create shifts without assigning them to specific employees. These type of shifts are called Open shifts.

Open shifts can be helpful if you want to plan a Shift where employees can request work based on their role, skill set and preference.

How to create Open shifts?

To create an Open shift, proceed like you would when creating a Normal shift, but do not assign it to an employee.

In the Employee view, create an Open shift in the top row of the Schedule. If you create the Shift in an employee's row, you can select Open shift as the first option from the employee drop-down list.

The Open shift will be the default selection when creating a Shift in the Groups or Positions view.

Once an Open shift has been created, it appears highlighted in red 🔴 on the Schedule. Only employees assigned to the corresponding Employee group can request the Open shifts created for those roles. The Shift remains open and un-assigned until an admin or a Schedule manager approves the request.

Swaps, Handover and Sell shifts

Employees can Swap, Handover or Sell their shifts amongst colleagues within the same Employee group and Department. Shifts remain assigned to an employee until a colleague and manager confirm the action.

  • Swap - allows an employee to exchange their Shift with another colleague and take one of theirs with mutual agreement.

  • Transfer - enables an employee to give away a shift directly to a colleague with mutual agreement.

  • Sell - allows employees to request their colleagues to take over their shift. Shifts marked for sale appear as Open shifts to colleagues.

Before the request reaches you, the action must be confirmed by the colleague (for exchange or handover), or the on-sale Shift must be requested (for handover).

Optional notification settings

By default, your portal will notify you of each request - so no action can be taken without your consent.

If you want to set up how staff can swap or book shifts specifically, or if and when your confirmation is required, navigate to Settings > Schedule section > Swap Settings.

⚠️ It is recommended to make changes here with great caution for controlled scheduling.

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How to process shift approval requests

To do this, navigate to the Pending Requests section from Schedule > Pending Requests.

You can also get there directly from the Pending actions widget if it is added to your Planday dashboard.

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You can switch between the Swap requests (Swaps and Handovers) and Shift requests (Open Shifts Requests) sections. You can filter by departments via the drop-down list to narrow down further if needed.

  • Swap Requests - Click the pencil icon ✏️ (Edit) on the right of the action's row. In the edit window, you can optionally assign a Shift type to the Shift in question and Approve or Reject it.

  • Shift requests - In the Assigned Employee column, click Assign Employee. You will then see the employees who have applied to take over the Shift. If there is more than one, select one by clicking their name and confirm with Assign.

Approving shift requests via the Planday app

Pending actions can also be handled in the Planday app. You can see them under the Requests widget.

In the example screenshots, a Shift swap is approved: To do this, tap on Swap and handovers, select the request and tap on Confirm or Reject.

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Enable or disable notifications based on Shift requests

Under Settings > Portal settings > Notifications you can set who should be notified in case of Swap approvals (and handovers) or Shift requests (Open Shift request).

Read more about setting notifications on shift changes or requests here.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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