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Scheduling with Positions and Sections
Scheduling with Positions and Sections

Use the Positions view on the Schedule when it is essential to adequately fill in areas of your business.

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🎯 For Admins and Schedule managers looking to schedule faster. Get to know the basics of desktop Schedule.

What is the Positions view?

The Positions view allows you to manage your schedule when filling in for suitable roles is more important. The positions view provides extra information to your employees on specific tasks or roles they will fulfil each shift. This article will walk you through creating, editing, and working with Positions and Sections on the Schedule.

How to switch to the Positions view

To begin, note that there are three view options for your schedule: Employees, Groups, and Positions.

The Positions view lets you separate an Employee group into Sections and Positions, providing you and your employees with role-specific information on the Schedule.

A Section is a label used to organise a selection of your positions. When you create a new Position, you can assign it to a Section by dragging and dropping it into the relevant Section.

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For an overview of how Departments, Employee groups, and Positions work together, read more about desktop Scheduling.

How the Positions view works

For instance, if you run a chain of clinics, you might have one or more Departments for each location, with employees assigned to Employee groups based on their roles. (e.g. Receptionists, Nurses, Doctors).

Positions view lets you:

  • Label shifts based on the responsibilities required by the shift.

  • Efficiently allocate your Employee groups across the different areas of your business where you need them.

  • Ensure all areas of your business are adequately staffed.

Each Position's name is shown on the Schedule for managers and employees. Each Position is assigned to one Employee group. You can create multiple Positions per Employee group.

In the image below, you can see the section Daylight Ops with two positions, Reception and Clinic Room A. One position is assigned to the Employee group Receptionists and the other to Nurses. Each Section also displays the total expected hours and costs for the positions in the Section, alongside a total shift count.

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Add new or change the order of existing Positions and Sections

To add or manage your Sections and Positions, select the Positions view and then click on Manage Positions and Sections; a window will pop up on the right-hand side of your screen.

You can then add a new Section or Position here. You can also edit or copy a section, assign colours to distinguish sections visually, or drag and drop them to rearrange their order on the schedule.

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