Configure Punch Clock profiles

If you have multiple login stations or many employees, use Punch Clock profiles to speed up the web-based clock-in process.

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Managing the Punch Clock can become complex as the number of employees, departments, locations or devices increases. Several employees may want to punch in and out at the same time, you may want to make more devices available at different locations, or you may want to ensure that employees do not see the names and shift times of other colleagues.

Punch Clock kiosk profiles allow you to customise Punch Clock for the web for different devices used across multiple locations where several employees punch in and out.

For example, you can create Punch Clock kiosk profiles for individual devices that allow department-specific employees to punch in to make the login experience quick and efficient. A profile always consists of a name, assigned departments and a method for identifying employees. This lets you filter and customise the Punch Clock experience for only the employees who need to log in from that device.

You can set up the Punch Clock so that it can only be used in specific locations or on certain networks. You can learn more about this in the article Set up your Punch Clock for use on a web browser or Set up Punch Clock for use via the Planday app.

Note that the use of the Planday app remains unaffected by kiosk profiles. To enable the use of Punch Clock via the app, go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access > Mobile App Access > Punch Clock used in mobile app > Yes. The kiosk profiles are only valid on the devices to which they are assigned and used on the web login function via

Create a Punch Clock kiosk profile

Navigate to Settings > Punch Clock section > Profiles. From there, click Create Profile button.

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Name Choose a descriptive name for the profile that suits you best. For example, Backroom check-in or Reception Punch Clock.

Departments You can assign one or more departments to the profile. This can be useful if you want to group and filter the employees using this profile. A department can also be added to multiple profiles if necessary. Employees from other departments not assigned to the kiosk profile will not be able to use it to clock in station.

Employee identification method You can specify the method employees must use to identify themselves on this profile when recording time. Here you can choose between Username and Employee overview.

  • The Username option requires employees to enter their username and password before being allowed to punch in. The employee view at is shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 10.55.24.png
  • The Employee overview option displays a list of employees who have a scheduled shift for the day. Employees can select themselves from this list and punch in. Unlike the first option, the username will already be taken from this overview. The employee view at is shown in the screenshot below.
    Note that with this option, all employees who have access to the Punch Clock device may see the name and shift times of other employees using this kiosk profile.

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 10.40.38.png

After setting up the Punch Clock preference, press Save to confirm.

Assign a Punch Clock kiosk profile to your device

Created kiosk profiles can now be assigned to specific devices. Provide your employees with a stationary device such as a computer, tablet or laptop, and give this device to the appropriate profile.

Navigate to on the desired device and log in. Please follow the steps regarding web setup in the Set up your Punch Clock article if you haven't set up a Punch Clock yet.

Note: If you want to enable punching in and out with a stationary iPad, the Planday Kiosk app may be an alternate solution. Learn more in the article Planday Kiosk app for iPad. Follow the steps below to assign a kiosk profile to the kiosk app.

At the top right of the home screen, click the Settings icon ⚙️. Only users with admin privileges can change the settings. If you need a different configuration, please contact our support team.

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The Punch Clock kiosk profiles you created in Planday settings will appear in the Profiles area (see graphic, area 1.). Press Assign to set the kiosk profile to the device you are currently on. Give your device a descriptive name in the area on the right (2.) such as a Kitchen tablet.

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The setup is complete with the assignment of the kiosk profiles to the desired devices. You can always readjust the settings as needed.

If a kiosk profile assigned to a device does not include some departments, employees from those departments will not see their shifts on this device.

To ensure the functionality of the Punch Clock and to avoid errors, make sure of the following:

  • The device used for punching in and clocking out should be set to the correct time. This applies to shared devices such as tablets, computers or laptops and employees' devices.

  • Your web browser should be up to date if you plan on using it as a Punch Clock solution. See this article for Planday's supported web browsers.

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