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🎯 For administrators. Go here, if you look for a guide how to set up revenue in Planday: How to configure revenue in Planday.

Revenue in the schedule

I can’t see the revenue in the schedule. Why?

Please ensure that you've enabled the Revenue option under View Settings in your schedule. Go to Enable the Revenue feature on the Schedule page to find out how to do this.

I am unable to input daily revenue into the schedule. What should I do?

If you are facing difficulties inserting daily revenue, here are a couple of things you can check:

  • Ensure that there are revenue units for the relevant department by navigating to Settings > Reports > Revenue > Units.

  • Confirm that there is at least one shift scheduled on the day when the revenue should be imported.

  • Verify that the setting Enter daily revenue is enabled in the revenue unit's settings.


I've noticed that the payroll percentage is higher than I anticipated. Why is this happening?

This could be due to the addition of additional payroll costs, such as pension or National Insurance (NI) contributions, which can inflate the payroll expenses on the schedule. These additional costs can be configured in one of two ways:

addi payroll costs.001.jpeg
  • Directly within the schedule as a fixed monetary amount added to each day.


I've noticed that the payroll percentage (or salary percentage) in the schedule is lower than expected. Why is this happening?

This discrepancy may be due to some positions in your schedule not contributing to the payroll percentage calculation. To verify this, switch to the Positions view in your schedule, and edit the position by clicking on the pencil icon. Then, ensure that the Affects payroll percentage option is toggled on.


How can I include or exclude VAT (sales taxes) when entering revenue for daily sales?

You can configure this by setting up a tax rate (VAT percentage) in the system. To do this, navigate to Settings > Reports > Revenue > Advanced, and then check the option Show revenue excluding sales tax in schedule and enter the desired percentage in the 'Tax rate' field. This way, revenue in the schedule will have sales tax (VAT) deducted.

I'm trying to perform salary vs. revenue forecasting. How can I export the data?

Unfortunately, it's currently not possible to export the required data for this analysis. When you access Reports > Revenue and click on the export symbol, only the revenue figures are included, and none of the payroll amounts are included in the export.

My schedule managers can view the revenue in the schedule, which they shouldn't be able to do. What should I do?

This situation is likely a result of certain access level settings that have been enabled for them. To address this issue, you can reach out to our Support team, who can assist you with your request.

Revenue imported from a POS integration

The revenue from my POS system hasn't been imported. Why is this happening?

You can investigate a couple of potential reasons:

  • Ensure that the revenue units associated with your departments are correctly mapped to your POS system's cost centers within the integration settings. You can find this under Settings > Integrations > Overview.

  • Verify that the integration is properly connected.

  • Confirm that there is at least one shift scheduled on the day when the revenue should be imported.

  • Ensure that your positions are linked to a revenue unit in the schedule. If they are not linked, revenue will still be imported but it will affect the Payroll percentage.

Is the revenue that is being either pulled in from POS or manually entered is including or excluding the sales tax (VAT)?

It depends on the POS integration you use. Some POS integrations, like Lightspeed Restaurant (K-series), allow you to choose whether to import Revenue including or excluding VAT. We recommend you check with your POS support team on this.

If I have manually entered the revenue in the schedule, will it be overwritten by the POS import?

Yes, it will. Revenue imported from a POS system will overwrite the manually entered revenue in the daily sales. The imported revenue is visible by clicking on the revenue value under each day on the schedule.

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