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How to import your payslips into Planday
How to import your payslips into Planday

Import payslips into Planday from your payroll solution so employees can access their salary slips from both web or the app

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Planday supports multiple formats for importing payslips. By importing payslips to Planday, each employee can access their own payslips either from the web or through the Planday app.

In order to match an employee with their payslip, Planday uses two identifiers:

  • Tax ID

  • Salary ID

Both of these values must be identical in Planday and in the system used for processing payroll.

Download the payslips from the payroll system as a single file, with one payslip per page. The document should not be password protected.

Import payslips to Planday

Follow the steps below to import the payslips to Planday:

  • Log in to Planday and go to Payroll > Import payslips.

  • Enter the start and end date for your payroll period.

  • Select upload format.

  • Click Upload file to upload salary slips form your Payroll software.

  • Click Import.

Payslips will be uploaded for your final approval. You'll see a list with all employees, and if the upload was successful or not.

After you've reviewed the uploaded payslips, click Save.

Available upload formats

Planday can handle payslips from a range of payroll providers. IRIS, SAGE, and BrightPay are all supported. In addition, there is a generic import option for other systems.

How can employees view their payslips

Employees can view and download their payslips under the Home > Payslips tab when they log into Planday.

Also they can get to their payslips on the app by going to More > Documents > Payslips.

Admins can access uploaded payslips of an employee by editing their profile.


If you are experiencing an issue with payslips, please note the following:

  • You must be an Admin with the highest access level in Planday to view employees’ payslips. As such the ability to view employees' payslips cannot be limited by Department or granted to Schedule managers or HR managers.

  • Payslips should ideally be uploaded in a single PDF document, with each employee’s payslip on a separate page. This is important when using the generic import option.

  • For some integrations, employees must have a value in their account's Tax ID field. (Without spaces or hyphens)

  • If using an integration such as IRIS, SAGE, or BrightPay, the Tax ID and Salary identifier fields must be identical in Planday and your payroll system.

  • If employees are unable to access their payslips via the Planday app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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