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How to register leave on behalf of an employee
How to register leave on behalf of an employee

As an admin or manager, you can add and approve leave on behalf of your employees if the employee is not available to add it themselves.

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🎯 For advanced admins. Get an overview of leave management.
Are you an employee? See How to apply for leave or absence.

As an administrator or manager, you can add leave requests in Planday on behalf of an employee if they fail to request time off themselves. This may be relevant if the employee doesn't have access to Planday or if a holiday needs to be entered based on a verbal agreement or communication outside of Planday.

How to register a leave request


  • You can’t book leave from an expired account as this account has become inactive. So make sure you process all leave requests before the accounts expire.

  • Make sure you approve all shifts that count towards accrual and you approve all requests before the accounts expires, otherwise, if you're using carry-over accounts, they would be created with the wrong balance.

A leave request from the manager on an employee’s behalf can be added to Planday in two different ways:

  • Via Schedule > Leave requests (or Absence requests) > Register leave (or Register Absence) screenshot.001.png

  • or from Employees > click on an employee to edit > Edit. Switch to the Leave overview (or Absence) tab > scroll down to Leave requests (or Absence requests) and press Add.

The next process is the same regardless of where you enter the request.

Leave request: Step 1 of 2
  • Employee — Select the name of the employee you wish to register leave for if not already selected.

  • Period — Choose the leave duration from start to end date.

  • Account name — Select which leave account balance to use for this leave.

Add an optional message to the employee.

Leave request: Step 2 of 2

In this step, you need to confirm the choices made in the first step as well as get more information about the leave deduction. For example, if you press See details next to Expected available balance, you will be able to see the calculations for this request and what it means for future balance.

Notice that you can also give half-day leave by entering 0.5 as the day value.

If all looks well, press the Request button.

The leave has been assigned but remains pending until you press Approve or Deny. Press the Approve button to continue.

You can leave an optional message for your employee or choose to notify them about their leave approval. Press the Approve button to confirm the leave.

Overview of leave requests

You can get an overview of all the absence requests from the Leave requests page.

The requests with status pending will show by default.

  • You can select 1️⃣ approved from the status to see the requests for which you have given consent.

  • Use 2️⃣ Additional Filters to narrow the scope of your overview further.

  • Pro tip: Use the 3️⃣ calendar view to see a visual representation of leave requests.

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