When it comes to time tracking for your employees and your organization, there is no one-size-fits-all and Planday knows that. Punch Clock Profiles helps you tailor Punch Clock to your needs.

Punch Clock Profiles

If you have a large number of employees coming to work daily and using our Punch Clock takes more than a few seconds, you might want to consider using the newly added Punch Clock Profiles.

With Punch Clock Profiles, you can:

  • configure how your employees punch in and out;

  • group the employees that needs to punch in, by their Department

  • ensure the data security of your employees.

To create a new profile, go to Settings → Punch Clock → Profiles and select Create profile.

Creating your Punch Clock Profiles
Creating a new profile will take only a few moments.

Name. You'll need a telling name for the profile. We suggest you pick something intuitive and related to the department or location for Punch Clock.
For example, if you want to setup Punch Clock profiles for 2 restaurants (different locations, you could consider the structure:

As a reminder, Punch Clock can be set up to allow entries from your employees when connected to a certain network or within a certain area of their workplace. You can read more about that in our Punch Clock guide for geofencing and IP addresses.

Departments. You can select one or more Departments for this Profile. This can be useful if you want to group and filter the employees that will use this profile.
A department can also be added to multiple profiles, if you need it.

Login. Lastly, you can choose between 2 identification methods:

  • Username

  • Employees overview

Choosing "Username" will allow your employees to simply input with their username and password (pin) to login to Punch Clock and start their shift.

"Employees overview" offers a page where everyone can see who is on the Schedule that day.
From this list, an employee can pick themselves, and login. Unlike for the first option, through the overview, the Username will already be filled out.

Applying Punch Clock Profiles

Once you've created one or more Punch Clock Profile, you can start using it right away.
If you have a stationary device (like a tablet or a laptop) through which your employees punch in, you only need to assign it the right profile.

 In the top right corner on your device, you'll notice a Settings icon ( ⚙️ ). Only manager-users can modify any of the settings. If you need a different configuration, please contact our support team.  

From the Settings icon, you can assign a Punch Clock Profile or configure it, if you need to make changes at a later point.

 If you're using a tablet you can also make those changes through Planday Kiosk, directly on your iPad.

Lastly, we'd like to highlight that by using Punch Clock Profiles, you will have better control over your data.
With Profiles, you can make sure that your employees will only have access to their department, and continue to be GDPR compliant.

To guarantee full functionality and reduce errors for Punch Clock, please make sure that: 

  • the device used for punching has the time set accurately. This applies both to a shared device (a tablet or laptop) or your employees' personal device(s).

  • if you access Punch Clock through a web browser, this is up to date. You can see a list of supported browsers here.

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