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Personio integration – Setup guide with Planday
Personio integration – Setup guide with Planday

Use the integration with Personio to import employee and absence data into Planday.

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🎯 For Admins. Find information on employee management here.

To find more information on this integration, visit the article Personio – FAQ and Troubleshooting.

Get API credentials from Personio

For the integration to work, you need API credentials from Personio. In your Personio account, go to Marketplace.

  • Find Planday by using the search bar and click Connect.

  • Select Generate new API credential > Generate new credential.

Once done, you will see Your client ID and Your secret to use in the integration setup.


Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Integrations > API credentials and select Generate new credential. Fill out the form:

  • Name – e.g. Planday Credentials

  • Integration – Select Planday

  • Personal data – in the Read column, select Employees and Absences. Leave all others unselected.

  • Readable employee attributes – For the integration to fully work, please select (attributes may appear slightly different):
    "Cost center",
    "Employee ID",
    "Employment type",
    "First name",
    "Fixed salary",
    "Hire date",
    "Hourly salary",
    "Last name",
    "Profile Picture",
    "Salary interval",
    "Termination date",
    "Weekly hours".

When you have made your selection, select Generate new credential. You will then see Your client ID and Your secret to use in the integration setup.

Activate the integration

Depending on your Planday subscription, be aware that there may be a maximum number of Departments you can set up in Planday. Imports will possibly be incomplete if you exceed the maximum allowed department limit. Read how to handle the max number of departments limit to ensure a successful import.


In Planday, go to Settings > Integrations > Overview. Select Personio > Connect > Connect company.

Enter your company name, the Client ID and Client secret you got from your Personio account, and press Authorise access.


In the next step, define which of your Personio entities should correlate to a Planday Department by selecting from the dropdown menu.

When you have made your selection, click Next.


You should now see a list with all available employees. With direct search, using the search bar or filtering by Department or Status, make sure that only employees you want to have imported into Planday are selected. By default, all employees are selected.

Before you finalise your selection by clicking Start import, choose if you would like to enable the automatic import of data in the future by having the options under Settings selected. You can change these settings later by managing your integration under Manage > Manage company > Settings.

Read below for more on how the two settings impact the integration.

Import current and future leave data

Please note: Leave data can only be imported if all available employees are selected.

​If you have this option selected:

  • All approved absences from Personio will appear as shifts on the Planday schedule to help you keep an overview while scheduling.

  • All future approved absences of the connected Personio account will automatically be synchronised to Planday daily at 11 pm.

  • A full-day absence appears as a shift from 8 am - 4 pm. Half-day absences appear as shifts from 8 am - 12 noon or 12 noon - 4 pm.

If you don’t have this option selected:

  • All approved absences in Personio will need to be created manually in Planday.

Import all current and future employees from Personio

If you have this option selected, the integration will take the steps below not only once, but automatically daily at 11 pm:

  • Import selected employees to Planday and assign them to the Employee group Personio. You can additionally assign them to your Planday Employee groups later. It is recommended to leave employees in the Personio employee group as well.

  • Create Departments in Planday if necessary. Be aware of the Departments limit.

  • Send welcome e-mail be to newly created employees.

  • Import Employee group wages and monthly salary details.

  • any changes to mapped employees in Personio will be synchronised with the daily imports.

If you don’t have this option selected:

  • all of the above takes place, but only once: all future employees created in Personio will need to be imported separately.

How to handle the Department limit

Your Planday subscription plan defines your maximum number of Departments. On the Starter plan, you are limited to having 1 Department, while the Plus and Pro plans allow up to 5 or more Departments. When in doubt, check with the Planday support team. If necessary, upgrade to a plan that allows enough Departments.

Departments that would go over the limit and employees assigned to them will not be created in the import.

How are employees assigned to Departments in the import?

You define in the integration setup, which of your Personio entities should correlate to a Planday Department. In the import, employees will be added to Planday Departments as follows:

  • If there are Departments with matching names, employees will be added to them. In that case, your total number of Departments would be unaffected.

  • If there is no Department with a matching name, the system will try to add Departments named after the Personio entity. This would affect your total number of Departments.

  • If you import employees from Personio with no value in the required field, they will be assigned to a newly created fallback Department called Personio. This would affect your total number of Departments.

How do I ensure an uninterrupted, complete import of employees?

  • When applicable, match the name of a Planday Department with the name of the Personio entity you want to have connected to it.

  • In Personio, check the number of entities that would be imported by going to Settings > Organisation.

  • Consult Planday’s support team to make sure you know your maximum number of allowed Departments. If necessary, upgrade to another plan.

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