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Personio – FAQ and Troubleshooting
Personio – FAQ and Troubleshooting
Find answers to common questions you may have around your integration with Personio.
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How do I deactivate the integration or disconnect a company?

To deactivate the entire integration: In the Integration overview, find Personio and select Options > Revoke authorisation.

To disconnect a single company: In the Integration menu, find Personio and click Manage. Find the company you would like to disconnect, select Manage company > Disconnect company and confirm your choice on the pop-up.

How do I reconnect / update the API credentials?

If you are shown an error message stating the connection was lost, select Reconnect and re-enter your Personio API credentials.

If your Personio API credentials have changed, update them in the Integration overview > Personio > Manage company > Change credentials.

Employee import

Why can’t all my Departments be imported?

Depending on your Planday plan, there may be a maximum number of Departments you can set up. On the Starter plan, you are limited to having 1 Department, while the Plus and Pro plans allow up to 5 or more Departments. Imports will possibly be incomplete, if this number is exceeded. Read here, how to handle the Departments limit.

What happens if a mapped employee is deleted in Personio?

If the option Import all current and future employees is enabled in the integration setup, the employee will be deactivated in Planday during automatic sync at 11 PM of the following day. If there are future shifts, they are changed into Open shifts starting deactivation date. Future absences created by the integration will be removed.
If the option is not selected, no changes will be made automatically.

What happens, when I delete the Employee group “Personio“?

It is not recommended to delete this Employee group. You can keep it, and additionally assign your employees to other Employee groups as well.
If you delete this Employee group, you risk losing information on hourly wages or salary.
If the option Import all current and future employees is enabled in the integration setup, the Employee group would be added again during the sync at night, and employees would be re-added to it.

How do i see which employees are mapped between Personio and Planday?

You can check by going to the Employee group Personio, that is automatically assigned to all mapped employees.

What happens if an employee already exists?

If an employee profile with a matching e-mail address is detected during import, that account will be overwritten by the new employee data from Personio.

Why can’t I select an employee for import?

Employees can only be selected for import if their Personio profile contains a First name, Last name and an email address.

What happens when I update employee information in Planday?

Personio to Planday is a one way synchronisation, which means that employee information is pulled from Personio at the time of sync and updated in Planday. If you use this integration, we recommend using Personio as the main source of employee information and update any changes there instead of in Planday.

Absence data import

Can I add imported absence to the employees’ absence accounts?

If the system you are using for absence management is Personio, the purpose of having that information in Planday is barely to keep an overview when you plan your schedule. Therefore, it is shown as shifts. As of now, no automated function connected to Planday absence accounts is planned.
💡 The shift types assigned to absence shifts are named after the Persionio absence type name (full or half day), or called Personio (hourly).

What Personio absence types are imported?

Approved absences of the type daily, half-daily or hourly can be imported.

What happens, if employees already have assigned shifts that the absence interferes with?

If the absence is day based, the shift would be assigned the Shift type for the absence.
If the absence is hourly, the import will create an additional shift (with the Shift type for absence) additionally to the one already existing.

What happens if changes to already imported absence data is made in Personio?

If the option Import current and future absence data is enabled in the integration setup, the shift in Planday that represents the absence will be updated or deleted during the automatic sync at 11 pm.

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