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Schedule-related notifications
Schedule-related notifications

Find some answers about how to notify employees in the schedule and how you can get notified about shift requests or shift swaps.

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🎯 For advanced admins. To enable notifications on the app and on the web, go to How to change personal notifications in Planday.

In this guide, you’ll learn how Planday's schedule-related notification features empower administrators to instantly alert employees about shift changes. From automated tasks to customisable notifications, this concise overview will help you streamline communication and keep your workforce in the loop.

Notify employees of shift creations, deletions and updates

In the schedule, you can notify an employee when you’re creating, updating or deleting a shift.

  • When creating or editing a shift, tick Message or SMS at the bottom of the screen, then click Save.

  • To delete a shift and notify the employee, open the shift, select the Message or SMS box, click Delete and then Save.


Note: SMS charges may apply. If you want to disable the SMS option, please reach out to our Support team. We recommend sending the message as a Planday message to avoid SMS charges.

Automate schedule-related activities

Set up and automate common repetitive tasks for the schedule under Settings > Your organisation > Scheduled jobs.
These notifications include:

  • Punch Clock automatic punch-out: this option punches out everyone clocked into a shift at a certain time. This is useful if your business closes at a certain time and employees forget to punch out from their shifts.

  • Timesheets - FTP uploading of CSV file: this option allows you to automate your timesheet exports from Planday to your server via FTP/SFTP.

  • Schedule Plan SMS - Multiple Days: this allows you to send an SMS to all employees who work in the coming days that you selected with their timesheets.

  • Schedule SMS - Same day: this allows you to send out an automatic SMS notification to employees on their working days.

Learn more about these scheduled jobs in How to create and use scheduled jobs.


Schedule-related notifications for admins

Go to Settings > Your organisation > Notifications to add managers that should be notified about requests for Swap approvals or Shift requests. This way, your managers can receive email or SMS notifications when these requests await approval.

Learn more in Set notifications on shift swaps or shift requests.

Notify employees who are not working that they can book open shifts

Currently, it’s not possible to notify employees when an open shift is created but a workaround exists.
In the Day view of the schedule, go to Tools > Send message. Choose Employees not working in Recipients. Click Next, and type your message, including merge fields for personalisation.

Note: We recommend sending the message as a Planday message to avoid SMS charges. If some employees are missing a registered phone number, they won’t show up in the SMS list.

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