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Set notifications on shift swaps or shift requests
Set notifications on shift swaps or shift requests

Review points here to ensure that managers receive proper notifications of approval of swap or shift requests.

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🎯 For Admins and Schedule managers. See how to assign additional access in Planday.

Having the right Schedule manager receive requests from the employees they manage is essential, and there are several things to look out for when setting this up.

Set the correct access level for your managers

You can give three different access levels to managers in Planday: Schedule manager, HR manager, and Administrator. Ensure that your managers have the correct access levels to act on requests. For example, it's worth noting that Schedule managers can approve requests for swaps while HR managers cannot.

Add managers under Swap approval or Shift request notification settings

Go to Settings > Your organisation > Notifications to add managers that should be notified about requests for Swap approvals or Shift requests. This way, your managers can receive email or SMS notifications when these requests await approval.

In the edit window that appears, you can also select yourself as the notification recipient. In addition, you can choose whether a notification should be sent in Planday as a message or as an SMS (Additional SMS notification charges may apply.)

Confirm by clicking Save.

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