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Hide days or periods on the schedule
Hide days or periods on the schedule

See how to hide certain days or periods from employees to draft your schedule.

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🎯 This article is for beginner admins.

Get familiar with creating shifts to make full use of this feature.

By hiding a day or period in the schedule, you can build your schedule or make changes to Shifts on those days before sharing them with your employees.

Hide a single day on the schedule

In the Schedule, you can hide a day so employees cannot see the shifts on that day. To hide a day, click the eye icon underneath the day and date. When you are ready to share your changes with your employees, remember to press the eye icon to make the schedule visible.

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Hide a period on the schedule

To hide a series of days in a given date range, press ‘Tools’ at the top right of the schedule, then ‘Hide/show period’ in the dropdown menu.

You can enter the start and end date for the period you want to hide. When you’re ready to share your changes with your employees, remember to return to the Schedule and select Tools > Hide/show period, enter the days you want to make visible to your employees, and then click Ok to confirm.

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Hide or show days in the Planday app

If you are a schedule manager or admin and work on the go, you can hide days via the Planday app on your mobile device. This way, the schedule being worked on is not visible to your employees until you are ready.

Go to the Schedule tab and long-press the day you want to hide. While holding down on the day, two options should appear. One of them is the eye that hides or shows the day.

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Please note:

You can hide from the app only one day at a time. To hide a period, log in to Planday on the web.

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