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Create or edit Employee types
Create or edit Employee types

Categorise your staff into Employee types such as full-time/part-time, over/under 18, paid per hour/monthly salaried for better management.

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🎯 For advanced admins.

Employee types can be used to subcategorise employees into different criteria, for example, full-time, part-time, over/under 18, paid per hour/salaried, interns etc. This is useful if you want to dispense Supplements, apply Absence accounts or set up Working time rules.

How to create or edit existing Employee types

You can set up employee types by going to Settings > People > General > Employee types and pressing Create.

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Here you can give your employee type a name, for example, Intern, set up a Salary code if you have a payroll integration in place and give it a description to easily distinguish the employee type from others.

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How to assign Employee type to employees

You can now assign the employee type to a staff member when you create or edit an employee. Navigate to People >Press the pencil to edit an employee > Employment > Employee type, and choose the appropriate Employee type.

View employees by Employee types in the employee overview

You can look at all your employees that belong to a specific Employee type by going to People > Employees. You can filter your employees by Employee types which you will find on the left sidebar.

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