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Manage your employees - basics
How to create, edit, and invite employees
How to create, edit, and invite employees

Learn how to create new employees, edit existing employee details and invite your newly added team members to Planday.

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🎯 For admins and HR managers.

Do you integrate with Xero? See Import your existing employees from Xero.

You can manage your employees from multiple places in Planday. You can create and edit employees from the People and the Schedule page. You can also create new employees using the Planday app as an admin.

Create employees from the People section on Planday web

Go to People > Employees you will find the Create employee button in the top right corner.

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You can add the relevant employee details for your new team member in the Create employee form. Fields marked with a * are mandatory to fill out. The username must be a valid email address because this is where the login information will be sent. Learn more about updating usernames and the employee confirmation process.


Save time by pressing the dual column icon in the top right (next to the Save button) and switch to a more compact layout.

Use of special characters in the username

The following characters are not supported in the username:

  • Umlauts ä, ö and ü, and the ß in upper and lower case.

  • Scandinavian letters æ, ø, å in upper and lower case.

These characters are supported in the username:

a-z in upper and lower case, 0-9 and .! #$%&'*+/=? ^_`{|}~-

As the final step of creating an employee's account, you can decide to send a welcome message or login information to the employee or do this later. Press Done to complete the process. You can also edit the employee to add more information later. For instructions on changing user names, see How to change username in Planday article.

Create employees from the People section on the Planday app

Log in to the Planday app as an admin, go to More > People and then click the add employee icon from the right corner. Fill out the employee details and press Create employee button to finish.

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Bulk create employees

Please note:

This function is under development. If you need help, you will receive this in your onboarding, or you can send a message to the support team.

If you have many employees to import into Planday, creating several staff members in bulk is a suitable alternative to creating employees individually. To do this, go to People > Employees > Tools > Employee import via template.

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The more extensively you have already set up Planday with Departments, Employee groups, Employee types & contract conditions, the more effective the bulk import will be.

You can press Insert rows to add multiple employees directly to Planday via this interface.

Alternatively, you can press Download template and fill in the provided Excel document with details of your employees. Once complete, you can upload this via the Import option. Select the template data format to view the format needed for Planday to read your employee data.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 15.12.00.png

Enter your employee data in the following format in your Excel file.

  • The fields email address, name, gender and department are mandatory fields.

  • Leave the structure of the template unchanged - do not delete or add any rows.

  • If you want an employee to be assigned to a department, put an X in the corresponding field.

  • If you want an employee to be assigned to an Employee group, enter a number for the hourly wage (e.g. "12" for 12.00 €) or a 0 in the corresponding field.

  • Bank account can be written as the registration number and the account number separated by a space or /

    • For example 1234 567890 or 1234 / 567890

  • Dropdown: In the columns containing lists, the value you enter must match an element value found in the list.

    • For example, in the gender column, you can enter Male or Female.

  • Check box: If a tick box needs to be ticked, enter either ‘Yes’ or ‘X’.

  • Phone/Mobile: If you want the number to match a specific country, the value you enter must start with +[country code], e.g. +44 for the UK. It is only possible to use the country codes already in the list.

Once you have entered all the data, save the file and import it via Import button and follow the steps.

Edit employee details from the People section on the web

There are two ways to edit the details of an employee in the People section; quick edit and full edit.

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1. Quick edit

The quick edit method allows you to glance over an employee's details, view or add them to Departments, view or add them to Employee groups, and give them additional access. Press anywhere on the employee list to open the quick edit menu.

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2. Full edit

The full edit allows you to access and edit all data related to an employee's employment, such as personal and work details, documents, shift and leave overview and much more. You can access full edit by hovering over an employee's name and clicking the icon to the right or by opening quick edit and clicking Edit.

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Edit employee details from the schedule

To edit details of an employee from the Schedule, you need to ensure you are in the Employee view, as this cannot be done from either the Groups or Positions view. Hover over the employee's name and click the ✎ icon to open the Quick edit menu.

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Invite multiple employees to Planday

If you want to invite multiple employees in bulk, navigate to People > Employees > Tools > Send Invitations and select the Departments you wish to invite. The employees will receive their invites once you press Send as email, and you will see an overview of which employees the invitation has been sent to.

Because invitations are sent to the employees by e-mail, they must be registered with a valid e-mail address as their username.

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If an employee didn't receive the invitation email to Planday, you can check Why can't I log into Planday? — FAQs to find an answer.

Invite employees individually to Planday

If you wish to send an invite to an individual employee, navigate to People and hover over the employee's name. You can click the middle icon in the list view to invite the employee.

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Alternatively, you can open the Quick edit menu and click the invite employee icon.

Send notifications when new employees are created

In Settings > Portal settings > Notifications you will find the New employee created option. Add Employees to this list if you would like them to receive notifications when a new employee has been created in Planday. This may be useful for your management team to keep them up to date with the latest additions to your staff. You can choose to send a Planday message, an SMS, or both.

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Please note:

Please note that our carrier’s standard text rates may apply if you select notifications by SMS.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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