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This article will walk you through setting up your Punch Clock, which your employees can use to clock in and out themselves.

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🎯 For admins new to Planday. Need to manage and approve Punch Clock entries?

What is Punch Clock?

In Planday, you can record the presence and punctuality of employees with the Punch Clock functionality and prepare your payroll by approving shifts. Employees can use the Planday app to clock in and out. However, if required, you can release the function exclusively for use in a web browser via

Set up Punch Clock for use on a web browser

Register your IP addresses

This solution allows employees to punch in and out using a web browser by visiting from their work premises. Access to this functionality requires an administrator of your Planday account to register the IP address from which to use the Punch Clock at work.

Follow these steps to enable this functionality:

  • Log in to your Planday account from a computer on a network your employees will be clocking in and out.

  • Navigate to Settings > Punch Clock section > Employee Access, then Web access section > Add.

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  • Your Current IP address will be displayed here. Add this address if you are on the network where your employees will be clocking in and out.

  • Enter the desired IP address under Add IP. You can also provide a name and description. Example: Hafenstrasse location / This is the address of our café on Hafenstrasse.

  • Confirm by clicking on Save.

After the IP address is registered, your employees can punch in and out via using their email address and password, provided they are connected to the internet via the registered IP address (WLAN network).

If you operate in multiple locations, you can also add the IP addresses of these locations. This ensures that employees can also clock in and out there.

What to do if your IP address is not recognized

If you cannot access, your dynamic IP address has probably changed or you. Many internet service providers change their dynamic IP addresses from time to time. You may need to update your IP address in Punch Clock.

See the guidance above or follow this article on registering your IP address to edit your existing list or register more addresses.

Set up Punch Clock for use via the Planday app

Configure mobile app access

Here's how to proceed if you want to give your employees access to the Punch Clock via the Planday app:

  • Navigate to Settings > Punch Clock section > Employee Access > Mobile App Access section.

  • Select Yes for Punch Clock used in mobile app and check ☑️ Punch Clock allowed in certain physical locations.

Set up geofencing for access through the mobile app

Geofencing is used so employees can only punch in and out if they are physically present in an area. Employees must stay in a predefined workplace; otherwise, they will not be allowed to punch in or out of their shifts. To set up, click Add new location.

  • Navigate to the map view. Enter your address in the search bar or drag and drop the location pin to the suitable place of your location.

  • Set up your geofencing radius by dragging the arrow icon. Planday recommends a radius of at least 100 meters, as a smaller radius may be affected by the smartphone's GPS accuracy or GPS interference in the area.

  • Add the Departments whose employees can punch in and out of this location.

  • Give the location a name. Confirm by clicking on Save.

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💡 After setting up your location, employees can only clock in and out if they are within the specified radius and have GPS turned on their smartphone. For the Punch Clock to work through the app, Planday requires GPS or Location access - This is used solely to punch in and out, not to track locations or otherwise.

Give employees unrestricted access to clocking in and out

If clocking in from a physical geo-location is not essential for your business, you can set the Punch Clock to let your employees clock in without being at a location or connected to your WIFI.

To enable this option, check ☑️ Punch Clock allowed everywhere.

Allow employees to punch in for an unscheduled shift

You can allow your employees to punch in without a shift assigned to them. If an employee punches in without a shift, their hours will be visible on the schedule for the department they clock in, and you can administer or approve the shift like any other shift.

Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Advanced > Display settings and select Yes to Punch in without a shift.

Limit the use of the Punch Clock to the Wi-Fi network at work

It is also possible to allow the Punch Clock to be used via the app when employees use the WIFI at their workplace without relying on geolocation. An IP address must be specified for this. To enable this option, check ☑️ Punch Clock allowed from the workplace Wi-Fi.

💡 If your employees are using iOS devices running iOS14 or later, the Planday app will require location services to be enabled to punch in and out.

Need more help?

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