How to create TOIL accounts

Learn how to set up TOIL accounts for your employees, making them eligible for your company's TOIL policies.

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🎯 For admins setting up TOIL in Planday.

  • This article is only relevant if you did not select Apply automatically when setting up a TOIL policy.

  • Get to know Planday's TOIL management to learn more or set up a policy if you haven't already.

Once you've established a TOIL policy, the next step is to apply it to your employees if you haven't opted for the automatic creation of accounts. This guide demonstrates how to manually create TOIL accounts for your employees individually or for an employee group.

How to manually create a TOIL account for an employee or group

If you have not selected to automatically create a TOIL account for your employees, you can do so manually by going to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > switch to the Time off in lieu accounts tab > Manage leave > Create accounts. screenshot.001.png

Choose to Create account for one employee or Create accounts for multiple employees. screenshot.001.png

⬇️ The example below displays leave account creation for multiple employees, but the process is the same if you wish to apply leave types to individual employees.

Choose the TOIL policy you want to use from the dropdown list and press Next. screenshot.001.png

When creating TOIL accounts for multiple employees, you can select to apply per department or for all departments.

  • Type: Select Time off in lieu account as the leave account type.

  • Leave policy: Choose the specific TOIL policy you want to apply.

  • Department: Specify which employees should have a TOIL account created based on their departments.

  • Valid from and valid to date: It's recommended to leave these fields blank so that the TOIL balance can be used as a time bank.

  • Bank holiday calendar: This is only relevant if employees request leave from TOIL. If your Planday has a holiday calendar set up, you can link it to the TOIL account. Once linked, the bank holiday calendar will affect the cost of created/requested TOIL.

  • Start balance: Enter the number of hours the employee should have in the account when it starts. This can be adjusted for each employee. Set this to zero if starting with no hours.

Press Update to preview all the users to whom this TOIL policy will be applied. screenshot.002.png

Here, you can manually set individual start balances or deselect employees for whom the policy should not apply. Press Save to create TOIL accounts for the selected employees.

When applying a TOIL policy to multiple employees, you might encounter an error if you try to create TOIL accounts for someone who already has one. In this situation, you can:

  • deselect them from the list

  • use up their existing balance by paying it out

  • and set the balance to zero

This will enable you to create a new TOIL account for them.

Next step:

Choose the most suitable method from the following options based on your Planday setup and business requirements.

  • Handle TOIL using Contracted hours This is the recommended method to manually transfer TOIL daily or weekly depending on how much under time or overtime is accumulated.

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