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How to apply a TOIL account to your employees
How to apply a TOIL account to your employees

Follow this guide on how to apply TOIL account to your employees and see an overview of TOIL adjustments.

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After setting up your TOIL account template, the next step is to apply the account to your Employee or Employee group. You would do this step for new employees joining your team that need a TOIL account or if you have not selected the option to Apply automatically when creating the template.

Apply a TOIL account to an employee or employee group manually

If you have not selected to automatically apply a TOIL account to your employees, you can do so manually by going to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > Time off in lieu accounts > Apply template.

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Choose to Apply account template for one employee or Apply account template for multiple employees.

💡The example below displays leave account creation for multiple employees, but the process is the same if you wish to apply leave types to individual employees.

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Choose the TOIL account template you want to apply in the dropdown list.

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When creating TOIL accounts for multiple employees, you can select to apply per department or for all departments.

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Type: Choose Time off in lieu account as type.

Account template: Select the TOIL account you wish to apply.

Department: Choose which employees should have a TOIL account created based on departments.

Valid from and valid to date: We recommend leaving these fields blank so that the TOIL balance can be used as a time bank.

Bank holiday calendar: Only applicable if the employees request TOIL. If your portal has a holiday calendar set up, it is possible to link the calendar to the TOIL account. Once your bank holiday calendar is associated, it will affect the cost for created/requested TOIL.

Start balance: Type the number of hours the employee should have in the account when starting. This can be adjusted per employee. Set this to zero if starting with no hours.

Press Update to see a preview of all the users that this Time off in lieu account will be applied. Here you have the option to manually set individual start balances or unselect employees whom the account should not apply.

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⚠️ When applying a TOIL account to multiple employees, you may get an error if you attempt to apply a TOIL account to a person who already has a TOIL account. In that case, you can unselect them from the list or spend their balance first by paying them out or zeroing it before you are allowed to create a new TOIL account for them.

See an overview of which employees have a TOIL account

Once your TOIL accounts are created and applied, you will see them in the list under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > Time off in Lieu accounts tab.

From here, you can adjust the period to show which users have had an account applied to them. You can also adjust the TOIL quota manually for each employee by pressing their name or remove the toil account associated with them by pressing the delete button.

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Period: Set which time interval you are looking at

Start balance: This shows how many days/hours the employee has at the beginning of the period.

Available balance: This indicates how many hours the employee has at the end of the period you’ve set in the date selector.

💡Be aware that the system will only show you the hours that correspond to approved shifts and not the future Time off in lieu corresponding to hours that haven’t been approved.

In addition, you can filter based on the following filtering options under “Filters”:

  • Departments, select which Departments the list should contain

  • Employee groups, select which Employee groups the list should contain

  • Employee types, select which Employee types the list should contain

  • Account names, select which TOIL account you want to see in the list.

This is the recommended method to automate the application of Time off in lieu as it is calculated on approval of Punch Clock.

This is the recommended method to manually handle Time off in lieu if you have a small number of employees and don't use Punch Clock.

This is the recommended method to manually transfer Time off in lieu daily or weekly depending on how much undertime or overtime is accumulated.

Still, have questions? Reach out to our support team via chat if you need help regarding this feature.

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