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March 2024 Product updates
March 2024 Product updates
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At Planday, we constantly improve features to make shift work more human. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in our product. Explore the overview of recent updates we've released and those that are coming soon.

Some of these features may be limited to select Planday organisations or regions, with full availability gradually extending to all. If you are interested in trying something early, reach out to our support team.

Planday web updates:

Bulk employee creation

The new Create multiple employees feature is designed for HR-focused admins who need to add multiple staff members to Planday with basic information quickly.

This tool lets you immediately start building your schedule using essential employee data. At the same time, you can fill in additional details later when you are ready to invite new employees to your team.

Go to People > Employees > Create Employees > Create multiple employees to speed up employee creation. screenshot.001.png

Revenue and budgeting overhaul + Export data functionality

As the last product update highlighted, we have revamped the revenue and budgeting tools, now accessible to all administrators and regions. This update allows for streamlined input and analysis of revenue, budget, and payroll data, empowering admins to enhance staffing efficiency and profitability.

In addition, you now have access to the export data function, which is particularly beneficial for larger businesses needing to extract financial data from Planday for reporting purposes within the organisation. The export feature also aids in understanding the data transmitted to any integrations you may be running.

To access these features, navigate to Reports > Revenue and click Manage Revenue. screenshot.001.png

Read more here: Set up Revenue.

Enhanced Break rules setup

The Break rules and Auto-schedule settings pages have been redesigned to align with Planday's modern look, ensuring a consistent and refreshed user interface experience.

  • Planday now conducts more checks to ensure the information entered is accurate and meets requirements.

  • Interacting with drop-down menus is now faster and more precise.

  • The interface now boasts a uniform appearance.

This update does not affect the setup of your existing break rules.

To access these features, navigate to Settings > Schedule > Break rules. Here you can create or modify break rules and configure automatic breaks based on working hours or specific times of the day. screenshot.001.png

Punch Clock PIN codes

If your team clocks in for shifts using a browser, tablet, or standalone system, they can now expedite logging in using Punch Clock PIN codes.

Employees can create a 4-digit PIN from their web profile to clock in faster, mainly when multiple staff use a single clock-in device simultaneously.

PIN codes are exclusively available on the Punch Clock web version. Employees must still use their full login details when logging in on the web or using the Planday app.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 16.35.09.png

New payment methods [DK and SE only]

  • New admins in Sweden can now upgrade their Planday using Autogiro, in addition to the existing options to pay with credit or debit card.

  • New admins in Denmark can now upgrade their Planday using Betalingsservice, in addition to the existing options to pay with credit or debit card.

The Account page is only accessible to the Account admin access level. See how to assign additional Access levels to your employees.

Read more here: Manage your Planday subscription from the Account page.

Planday app updates:

This version of Planday app brings a range of behind-the-scenes enhancements and optimisations, focusing on simplicity.

  • Searching for shift requests? The requests section was previously accessible from both the More and Overview pages. Now, it is unified to only show on the Overview page so that you can see which requests need your attention right away when you open the app.

Along the way, we've worked on adding some fixes, enhancing existing features, and improving performance so you can focus on what truly matters: bringing smiles and creating magical moments in your workplace!

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Planday integration updates:

New integrations — The following third-party integration with Planday will become available in specific regions within the next few weeks:

  • Grtfl — Tip management solution — UK only.

Coming soon:


The way to view and approve all hours worked is changing during May*. Timesheets will help you easily see all hours worked, shift details, and paid hours for each shift. With the new overview, you can efficiently fix incorrect data and be sure not to miss important shift details before payroll. More information will follow; stay tuned!

* For Planday customers in the UK, coming soon to all. ​

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