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November & December 2023 Product updates
November & December 2023 Product updates
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At Planday, we constantly improve features to make your day work. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in our product — check out the overview of updates that we released recently:


Schedule — Automatic removal of shift requests from deactivated users


Before shift-request cleanup:

  • Employee requests a shift.

  • Employee leaves and gets deactivated.

  • The request stays like an uninvited guest, causing chaos and confusion.

After cleanup on shift-request:

  • Employee requests a shift.

  • Employee bids farewell and gets deactivated.

  • Like magic, the shift requests disappear for deactivated employees. No fuss, no mess!

No more frustration over lingering requests from ghosts of past employees.
No more support calls for ghost removal.
More time for you to focus on creating awesome schedules!

Open shifts, Shift requests and Shift swaps for Schedule managers

Schedule — Retain visibility of employees who requested an open shift screenshot.006.png

In the era before, a mysterious disappearance happened when multiple heroes (employees) competed for a single open shift. The chosen one emerged, and the others faded into the scheduling abyss. But fear not, for we've unleashed a scheduling revolution!

From now on, when multiple employees request a shift, the overview of previous requesters remains in the assignee dropdown, ranked in the order of their request time. It's like keeping a shift superhero lineup!

  • It means saving time for schedule managers to assign the perfect hero to the job if there are any last-minute changes.

  • It also means schedule managers can craft a more empathetic schedule based on employees' wishes.

  • This is great for employees as their shift wishes stay visible, ensuring their desire for a shift is always on the manager's radar.

People page — Visibility of employee invitation status for HR managers

Admins and HR Managers, brace yourselves for the latest status icons to make your onboarding journey smoother than ever. No more guessing if an employee has been invited, or wondering if they have accepted your ranks to join Planday. screenshot.011.png

🟠 Not Invited:

  • The silent hero, waiting in the wings.

  • Indicates the employee is yet to receive their email to join Planday.

🔵 Invited But Unaccepted:

  • A gentle nudge, patiently waiting for acknowledgment.

  • The employee has been invited but hasn't logged in yet to Planday.

Bonus tip:

  • Under People > Employees > Misc you can find two additional groups Not invited and Invited.

  • Use these as filters to sort out who is where in their journey and follow up in cases where the employee has not accepted their invitation to join Planday.

Punch Clock — New design and more intuitive set up screenshot.001.png

Explore the redesigned Punch Clock access page, featuring a new design, an improved radius selector, and a few new features. The update includes fixes to enhance Punch Clock setup functionality and addresses recent issues related to radius selection.
In addition to the refreshed look, you can now:

  1. Under WIFI access, easily add a new static IP address, including the option to Add your current IP address when connected to your business' WiFi.

  2. Enter your business address in the Locations section and adjust the radius slider to set the allowed punch area (100m recommended).

  3. Set "Punch in from anywhere" option for a single Department to let employees clock in for their shifts independent of their location. Previously this option affected all departments.

See this feature by going to Settings > Punch Clock > Access.
No action is required if you've already set up Punch Clock for precise time tracking.

Set up Punch Clock

Account section — See, edit, or add billing details with ease

Hold onto your invoices because our Account section just got a facelift, and it's sprinkled with invoicing love and email magic! Here is whats new:


  • Your Planday billing notification email address on file was kept in a secure top-secret location, even hidden from you!

  • Only one email address could receive billing updates.

  • Changing invoice addresses required having to go through support chat.

Now: Account Admins have full control

  • Your Planday billing notification email address is still secure but no longer hidden from you!

    • Account Admins can now see, edit, and add subscription and billing email.

    • It is also now possible to add additional recipients, handy if you need multiple people to be notified of Planday invoices.

  • If your company’s name or address changes, you can now modify your billing information without requiring assistance from Planday support.

  • You still need to contact Planday support if you want to modify your VAT ID or Country due to tax implications. screenshot.001.png

See the account section by going to Planday > hover over your profile name > Account.

Are you an Admin but don’t see this section? See how to assign additional Access levels and add yourself to the Account admin group.


Minimum supported iOS version changing to 16 in January 2024


Apple has released iOS 17 on 18 September 2023 publicly. In relation to that, we practice keeping the last two versions as our supported iOS versions for both security and maintainability reasons.

From January 2024, Planday app will require a minimum OS version of iOS 16. We will stop supporting devices that are running iOS versions below iOS 16.

To continue getting the updates of the Planday app, your mobile device must run at least iOS 16.
Unsupported devices will be able to continue to use the app but will not be able to download Planday app updates anymore.

Which devices will stop getting the Planday updates?

  • iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus

  • First generation iPhone SE and iPod touch

  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Make sure to use the latest versions available for iOS, updating to newer versions as they are released.

Improvements to the Planday app 10.1

Planday app has been updated to version 10.1 with a focus on requesting the right permissions yet giving you control over your data and preferences.

With this release, we updated the initial permission prompts that are shown when the app is launched the first time. When asking for Location access and Push notifications, the app now allows you to skip these prompts, which was not possible before.

We would still like it if you gave the app precise location access for a flawless check-in experience and allowed notifications so we could remind you, ‘Important stuff is happening at work’. However, it's your device; you control how you would prefer to use the app. Skip or grant to your liking. We understand. *🥲 Cries in permissionless mode without notification*. screenshot.017.png

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android or iOS, updating to newer versions as they are released.


[UK & AU only] Modernised Xero payroll export wizard

The Planday to Xero timesheets export page has received a redesign. Now, you can utilise the new payroll export wizard to preview worked hours with smart filtering before syncing the data. Here is what has changed:

  • Modernised Xero sync page — A reorganised layout to easily preview worked hours and sync the data.

  • Detailed reasons for errors — Easily understand when there is a sync issue, where it is, and how to solve it.

  • Smarter filtering — Sync payroll faster with smart filtering selection for payrun, departments, shifts, and more.

  • More visibility — No TMI. See a simpler view of worked hours per employee, with the ability to dive into details if needed. screenshot.019.png

You can already access this page in Planday by going to Payroll > Xero Payroll

[DK, DE & UK only] Mews integration is here!

With Planday and Mews integration, you can connect your accommodation and outlet sales from Mews businesses and automatically import revenue data into Planday.

This integration empowers you to:

  • Access real-time data and compare all figures in one system to increase efficiency, monitor profitability, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Easily compare sales data with the scheduled cost through automatic data transfer between both systems.

  • Create shift schedules confidently and adjust the number of staff based on data-driven choices.

  • Stay on top of operational performance and make better business decisions based on actionable insights. screenshot.020.png

Please note: This integration is available for Planday admins based in Denmark, Germany and the UK only. Please contact Planday support if you wish to try it out in your country.

You can set up this integration in Planday by going to Settings > Integrations > Overview and searching for Mews > Set up

Mews integration — Setup guide with Planday

Lightspeed L-Series POS integration transformation!

The Planday and Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series point of sale integration has been updated with a fresh new look and facelift. Now it is easier than ever to set up the integration, even in tea break, using three easy steps. Here is whats new:

  • Design overhaul — New design that is more logical and shows you steps to complete if you are missing any prerequisites for the setup.

  • Detailed reasons for errors — Easily understand when there is an issue, where it is, and how to solve it. screenshot.022.png

Please note: This integration is only available for customers based in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Ireland, Canada, France, Belgium and Spain. Please contact Planday support if you wish to try it out in your country.

You can set up this integration in Planday by going to Settings > Integrations > Overview and searching for Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series) > Set up

Import revenue from Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series)

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