Troubleshooting TOIL and FAQs
FAQ regarding TOIL account creation, viewing and editing balances, the transfer of hours and the supported functionalities and limitations.
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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding TOIL account creation, viewing and editing of TOIL balances, transfer of hours to the TOIL accounts, supported functionalities and limitations.

The creation of TOIL accounts

Why am I receiving an astronaut stuck in orbit error when applying TOIL account template to multiple employees?

This could be if an employee in your selection already has a TOIL account. Head over to the account overview page and try to create the same selection by using filters and see which employee already has an account.

It could also be because you haven’t entered an initial balance in the account template. Write 0 if the balance should be zero at the start.

Why is there no data in my TOIL account as it only shows a dash (-)?

This is because the start balance in the TOIL account template or when applying TOIL account was not defined. If you want to start from an empty balance, you should input a zero 0 there instead of no value.

View and edit TOIL balances and delete TOIL accounts

Why can't I delete a TOIL account?

If an account already has a TOIL balance, you cannot remove it from an employee unless the balance is clear. You can:

The TOIL report shows all of the accounts - the TOIL and the vacation accounts

You would need to select the TOIL accounts in the filters when you are in Schedule > Leave accounts > Time off in Lieu before you click on Export.

The balance in the employee’s TOIL tab is not the same as in the TOIL report

The balance that shows in the employee profile (TOIL tab) is different from the one you see in the TOIL report that you extract from Schedule > Leave requests > Export > Time off in Lieu report.

In the employee profile, it’s not possible to choose the exact period for which you want to see the balance. You can only choose the year. The default period goes from 01/01 to 31/12 which means that if a TOIL account is across two years, for example, 01/04/2022 to 31/03/2023, the balance showing under 2023 will comprise the TOIL hours of 2022.

That is why we advise our customers not to put a reset date on the TOIL account template so that there are no validity dates.
To have an accurate report of the balances for each account, you would need to export the TOIL report under Settings > Leave requests > Export.

I can’t see the TOIL balance of my deactivated employees

If you can’t see the TOIL balance of your deactivated employees in the TOIL account overview under Schedule > Leave accounts > Time off in Lieu accounts, it’s because their accounts are inactive. You would need to select the status “inactive” or “all” if you want to see their accounts in the list.

Transfer of hours to the TOIL accounts

Hours have not been deducted from or added to the TOIL account as they should have

Hours have not been deducted from the TOIL account although they were approved and the shift type Time off is set to deduct hours from the account. There could have been a change in the shift types that should count towards the TOIL account after the shift was approved so the solution would be to reapprove the shifts.

Hours have been deducted twice from the TOIL account but it should have been only once

You can see in the employee’s profile that their time off hours for the same day were deducted twice but they should have been deducted only once from the TOIL account.

This can be because the hours were transferred as undertime from the contracted hours page and the shift type Time off does not count towards the contract rule.
Then the hours were deducted a second time because the shift type Time off is connected to the TOIL account, therefore deducting hours.

To fix this, the shift type Time off should count towards the contract rule so that it doesn't look like the employee has been planned for two few hours.

Another solution is, if you’re using the contracted hours and transfer the hours as overtime and undertime to the employees’ TOIL accounts, to disconnect the shift type Time off from the TOIL account template and only use the contracted hours page to transfer the hours.

How do I revert a transfer of hours?

You have transferred hours but it was a mistake. In that case, you can make a manual adjustment in the employee’s TOIL tab to either deduct or add hours. See this guide on How to manually adjust TOIL hours.

You’ve forgotten to transfer overtime hours onto last year’s TOIL account

You have forgotten to transfer some overtime hours onto last year’s TOIL accounts. If you go to the Contracted Hours page to transfer them, these hours will unfortunately not be transferred onto the old TOIL account but will go to the new TOIL account instead because as the old account is inactive, no transfers nor adjustments can be made there.

That is one of the reasons why we recommend not to set a reset date to the TOIL account template so that you can still deduct or add hours to the TOIL account if you’ve forgotten to do it the year before.

Supported functionalities and limitations

How can I pay out my employees’ overtime hours?

The easiest way is to set up contract rules supplements under Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplement.
Basically, the hours that exceed the employee’s contracted hours will show on the payroll report and will be paid out to the employee.

Other ways are:

  • to pay out the hours via a manual supplement;

  • or to add a shift in the schedule with the number of hours to be paid;

  • or to just add the overtime manually to your payroll system.

In that case for the three options mentioned above, you would need to make a manual adjustment to the employee’s TOIL account.

Will the remaining amount of the expired TOIL account be automatically carried over to the new account?

No, there’s no automatic carry-over. That’s why we recommend not setting a reset date to the TOIL account template.

If I reactivate an employee, will his TOIL account be reactivated as well?

No, it won’t because even if you reactivate the employee, his TOIL account will remain inactive. You would then need to reach out to our support team for assistance on this.

Still have questions? Reach our support team via chat if you need help with this feature.

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