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Planday app — FAQs and troubleshooting for employees
Planday app — FAQs and troubleshooting for employees

As an employee, get an overview of the Planday app FAQs and quickly find answers to your questions.

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🎯 For employees. You can see the Introduction to Planday app for employees if you’re new to Planday. Go to How to log into Planday to find out how to do so.

Log into Planday

Find more information in Why can't I log into Planday? if you're having issues doing so.

I do not know the Planday URL of my company.

  • The Planday URL is mentioned in the invitation email sent to you.

  • Your Planday URL follows the format

  • If you haven’t been invited or your invitation cannot be found, your manager can resend you a new invitation email. You can forward How to create, edit and invite employees to your manager to help them in the process.

I've been asked to confirm my Planday username.

Your Planday username is a unique identifier for your account, which takes the form of a valid email address. You may be required to confirm your username when logging in for the first time or if your manager updates it for you. Additionally, if you used Planday before GDPR came into effect, you may be required to update your username and password.

What characters are supported in the username?

Note: Your username has to be a valid email address

  • These characters are supported in the username:

a-z in upper and lower case, 0-9 and .! #$%&'*+/=? ^_`{|}~-

  • The following characters are not supported in the username:

  • Umlauts ä, ö and ü, and the ß in upper and lower case.

  • Scandinavian letters æ, ø, å in upper and lower case.

I've forgotten my email address or password.

I’d like to update or change my email address.

Once you have a Planday account, you can change your username yourself. You can find all the information on how to do this in the How to change Username article.

Time off

I have the message that I don’t have an active absence account

If you’re in the Time off section and you have the message above, you should reach out to your manager who will create an absence account for you. You can send them How to apply leave accounts to your employees to help them in the process.

Why is the TOIL balance on the app different from what I see on the web?

  • The app shows the TOIL balance that includes approved and unapproved/requested TOIL

  • The web shows the TOIL balance that does not include unapproved/requested TOIL

Why is my holiday balance different on the app than on the web?

  • On the app, the available balance will include both the approved holiday and the unapproved holiday but if you press on the account, you'll see a detail of:

    • the balance to date (includes the approved holiday but doesn’t include the unapproved holiday nor the approved holiday in the future) and

    • the available balance (includes both the approved and the unapproved holiday)

  • On the web, the available balance doesn’t include the unapproved holiday

I’m unable to apply for leave

Possible reasons:

  1. Make sure you have an active absence account assigned. Without it, you won't be able to request leave. If unsure, contact your manager.

  2. Check if there's another request overlapping in time.

  3. Pay attention to the validity period of your absence account. Requests outside this period won't succeed.

  4. Avoid entering "0" (zero) days in the absence request. To remove a leave day within a period, submit two separate leave requests.

My timesheet hours

My shifts are not showing up on my app

If your shifts are not showing in the Overview on your app, you can do a couple of things:

Where do I view my hours worked?

To view your hours worked, go to More (in the bottom right corner of your screen) > Your hours.

Note: The start date aligns with your company's pay period set by the administrator of the Planday account.

Swap, handover and sell shifts

I can’t swap shifts with my colleagues

Here, you can check a couple of things:

  • Make sure that the shift you’re trying to swap is not on the same day as the day you’re trying to swap

  • Make sure that the shift you’re trying to swap with a colleague is in the same employee group as the shift you’re scheduled for

If you can’t see the swap option, it might be because your manager has disabled the option to swap shifts.
See How to swap, handover and sell shifts via the Planday app.

Punch Clock

I can’t clock in on my phone. It says that I have to be near the location to be able to clock in

It could be because of the following reasons:

  • There are 2 GPS locations that overlap for two different locations. Reach out to your manager so they can look into the punch clock settings of their Planday account

  • The shift you’re trying to clock into is not scheduled in the location you’re at

  • It could be that you're either not connected to the WIFI or you're not connected to the correct one. You can read For employees: What to do if you have problems with the Punch Clock.

I get the error message of incorrect password or username when I try to punch in via a tablet

Ask your manager to check the settings of the punch clock profiles under Settings > Punch Clock > Profiles.

What do I do if I forgot to clock in or clock out?

You need to reach out to your manager so they can put in the times manually on the Punch Clock approval page.
You can forward the article How to manage and approve Punch Clock entries to them if that helps.

My break at Planday just does not want to end and the time recording still continues. What do I do?

In that case, write a message to your manager explaining your issue. Your manager will enter your Punch Clock times manually and end your shift. To help them do this, you can send them the link to the article How to manage and approve Punch Clock entries.


I can’t register my availability

It could be because the option is disabled on your Planday account. In that case, you can reach out to your manager.

Documents and Contracts

I can't see some documents on my app

It could be a personal file. These are not visible on the Planday app. You would need to view them in your profile settings via the web.

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ℹ️ Need more help?

Contact your Planday admin or leader for guidance on how to use Planday.

🔍 Search the Help Center | See video tutorials at


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