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How to manage leave accounts and check leave balances
How to manage leave accounts and check leave balances

Get an overview of which employees have a leave account and understand how the balances work.

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🎯 For admins who have set up leave in Planday.

This article provides an overview of leave accounts, guiding you on viewing and understanding balances. By gaining insights into leave, managers can plan their schedules better. The guide also explains advanced filtering options for more precise leave data management, allowing you to export comprehensive reports.

Prerequisites: You must first set up leave policies and apply them by creating employee leave accounts before you can view balances.

See an overview of your employees’ leave accounts

Once a leave account is set up for an employee, you can find it listed under the Leave accounts page.

Go to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) or open the Leave overview tab by editing an employee's profile to get an overview.

These figures will change based on your chosen period in the filter. If no dates are chosen, the start of the period is set by default to the first day of the current month and not the start date of the spending or accruing period of the account. screenshot.001.png

In this view, there are four key numbers to track:

  • Start balance: This displays the balance available at the beginning of the selected period.

  • Balance accrued: This indicates how many days/hours the employee earned during the chosen period.

  • Balance used: This reflects how many days/hours the employee has used during the selected period.

  • Available balance: This shows how many days/hours the employee has available at the end of the selected period. If you select a future date here, the number will be a prediction based on existing leave requests and schedule data supporting the accrual calculation.

Make sure you approve all shifts that count towards accrual and you approve all requests before the accounts expires, otherwise, if you're using carry-over accounts, they would be created with the wrong balance.

Can't find an account?

  • If you can't see a leave account, try adjusting the time period on this page, as the overview displays accounts within the selected period. Additionally, check if the account is inactive by selecting Account status to inactive.

    • When an account is inactive, it can’t be used for accrual, and the employee cannot take leave from it.

  • This view does not show unapproved leave days/hours from the available balance.

Apply additional filters to focus your search

In addition, you can sort based on the following options under Additional filters 1️⃣:

  • Departments: Choose which departments should be included in the list.

  • Employee groups: Select which employee groups should be included in the list.

  • Employee types, select which employee types you want to include in the list.

  • Account names, select which account names you want to limit your list. screenshot.001.png

You can choose the 2️⃣ statuses of accounts you want to see, such as active, inactive, available, or all.

  • Active: Any accounts that are currently accruing or are available for spending.

  • Available: Available accounts view excludes accounts that might currently be accruing but have not started their spending period yet.

  • Inactive: When an account’s spending period is expired, or when an employee is deactivated, their account becomes inactive.

You can search 3️⃣ for a specific employee by entering their first and last names, excluding middle names.

See an individual employee’s leave account details

To view a detailed view of account settings and leave pay (if enabled per policy), click the edit icon for an individual account. 1️⃣

‎leave balances_breakdown.‎001.jpeg

Here you’ll be able to see:

  • The manual adjustments made to the account 2️⃣

  • Further details related to the balances 3️⃣

    • the number of days worked within the period (in the example above, the beginning of the 52-week reference period to date.

    • the total money earned within this period

    • the average earned per day

    • the leave account’s balance to date

    • the total pay to date for the leave account

Add or reduce balance from a leave account

You can make manual adjustments to add or remove balance from a leave account by going to Schedule > Leave accounts > edit an account > and pressing Edit in front of the balance.

This allows you to record a change in the balance that will come into effect on a date of your choice. A history of all adjustments to that account will also be visible on the account page. screenshot.001.png

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