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Planday app for admins - FAQ
Planday app for admins - FAQ

As a Planday admin, find quick answers to your questions regarding manager actions on the Planday app

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🎯 For admins. If you’re an employee, you can go to Planday app for employees - FAQ or read Introduction to Planday app for employees.

Here's a simple breakdown of what you can do on the app as a manager, compared to using the web version: ⬇️

Manager actions

Both app and web

Only web


See attendance


Act on pending requests (swaps, Open shifts, Punch Clock)




Send messages to employees


Update the employees' usernames or reset passwords


Upload documents and contracts to employees' profiles



Create and edit Employee groups and Departments





Most of your Planday setup should be done on the web version of Planday.


I can’t see the full list of employees on my Planday

Managers who do not have the right to edit employee information will be unable to view the profiles of employees who have not made their contact information public, even if those employees are within the same department.
You can read more about contact info public here.

An employee didn’t receive the invitation email to Planday

You can check Why can’t I log into Planday? to find an answer.

Time off

Can I approve holiday requests on the app?

As of now, it is not possible to approve holiday requests on the app.

My employees reported that they can’t request holiday

  • Check that they have an active absence account. To check this, go to the web version of Planday > Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > enter the employee’s name in the search bar > select the Active filter in Account status and select the account’s current period. If no account appears, you need to assign one to the employee first (no absence request can be submitted without an absence account.

  • If the employee already has an active leave account assigned, another reason is that there is another request that overlaps. You can check this under Schedule > Leave requests (or Absence requests). If there is another request, reject it first before a new one can be submitted.

My employee reported that the TOIL balance on the app is different from what they see on the web

  • The app shows the TOIL balance that includes approved and unapproved/requested TOIL

  • The web shows the TOIL balance that does not include unapproved/requested TOIL

My employees reported that their holiday balance is different on the app than on the web

  • On the app, the available balance will include both the approved holiday and the unapproved holiday but if they press on the account, they'll see a detail of:

    • the balance to date (includes the approved holiday but doesn’t include the unapproved holiday) and

    • the available balance (includes both the approved and the unapproved holiday)

  • On the web, the available balance doesn’t include the unapproved holiday

Punch Clock

My employees clocked in and out but I can’t find the punch clock entries to approve on the app. Why?

If Deviation rules are set up on your Planday portal, then you can’t approve Punch clock entries on the Planday app. Learn more about approving Punch clock entries on the app in How to approve Punch clock entries using the Planday app.

I would like a message to show up when my employees punch in. How do I do that?

When you send a message via Planday web, you can choose to display it when your employees punch in upon their arrival. To choose this option, log into Planday web > Send message (1.) > Tick the option Show the message in Punch Clock (2.) under Message details. ⬇️

‎show message in Punch Clock.‎001.jpeg

Note: The employees will only be able to see the message on the Planday app, when they punch in, and not on, nor through the Kiosk app.

When my employees try to punch in on the app, they can’t see their current shifts

It could be because they’re at the wrong location. You can send them the guide For employees: What to do if you have problems with the Punch Clock.
You can also check the following in your Punch clock settings on the web version of Planday:

  • Check what shift types are enabled under Settings > Punch Clock > General. It could be that your employees are trying to punch into a shift that is not registered for Punch Clock.

My employees can’t punch in on the app

First of all, you can forward the following guide to your employees: For employees: What to do if you have problems with the Punch Clock.
If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can check a couple of things:

  • Under Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access > Mobile app access > Locations, check that the option Punch clock used in mobile app is enabled.

  • Under Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access > Mobile app access > Locations, check that the department the employees are part of is added to the geolocation the employees are punching into.

  • Try and enlarge the radius of the location where your employees can’t punch in. Planday recommends a radius of at least 100 meters. Find how to do this in Set up geofencing for access through the mobile app.

Are there any limitations in how far back you can see and approve punch clock entries in the app?

The app only shows entries 1 week back. Further back than that you have to use the web version of Planday. Read How to approve Punch Clock entries in Planday to learn more about it.

Is there a setting so staff can punch in and out even if they are not scheduled to work?

Yes, there is. On the web version of Planday, go to Settings > Punch Clock > Advanced > Display settings > Tick the option Punch in without a shift to activate the setting.


Is it possible to hide the schedule view from employees so they don’t see their colleagues’ shifts?

Yes, it’s possible. You can reach out to our Support team who can help you with this request. Then, the employee will only be able to see their shifts under Overview > Your shifts.

Employee availability

I can’t see my employees’ availability on the schedule on the app

If you create a shift in Groups view or Positions view, you’ll be able to see the employee's availability from the employee list. ⬇️

‎Availability status app.‎001.jpeg

Employees can’t register their availability

It could be that the option is disabled on your Planday account. You would need to reach out to our Support Team so they can help you with this request.

How can I make sure that employees don’t register their availability?

You can reach out to our Support Team so they can disable this option for you.


Can you see payroll information on the app?

On the app, you can’t see payroll-related information. You can only do it from the web version of Planday.


How do we limit messaging to a specific department? Currently, all staff can message anyone on our whole account.

It is possible to send a message to a whole Department or Employee group from the app. If it’s not the case for your Planday organisation, you would need to reach out to our Support Team so they can help you with this request.

News and Events

How can I create news and events on the app?

You can only do it from the web, from the Dashboard under Home > Events. To create News and Events from the web click on Get to know the Home Dashboard.
From the app, you can see news and events and accept or decline an invitation to an event.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.
Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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