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Using Lohn AG Integration with Planday
Using Lohn AG Integration with Planday
Sync your user data and payroll information between Planday and Lohn AG for a quicker and easier pay run.
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As part of the connection, employee working hours are reported from Planday to and are matched with basic information as unique identifiers.

Get Started

On you need to enable external interfaces "Externe Schnittstellen" under your administration panel, add Planday and authorize with your Planday portal URL and an account with payroll privileges.

On Planday you need to ensure that you have the correct payroll format to match your records in both systems. You need to match departments, salary identifiers and salary codes from Lohn AG to your Planday portal.

Set Department names to match Lohn AG

You also need to ensure that "Kostenstelle" in Lohn AG is identical to the department names in Planday. Go to People > Departments and click on a department name to edit and match it with your integration module. If you have not set up departments you can create one here and add employees to it.

Setup Salary identifiers

Employees get assigned a unique salary identifier automatically when their account is created. It is possible to change the unique salary identifier of an employee from their profile section. Go to People > Employees and click on an employee to edit their profile.

Setup or modify Salary codes to match Lohn AG

Update Planday with Salary codes from Lohn AG so it can identify if the employee's hours should be counted towards normal hours, special hours, or payroll supplements.

If you want to apply salary codes for payroll supplements you need to create or amend the payroll supplements and then add the salary codes according to the specifications from Lohn AG.

Create the payroll supplements in Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplements.

If you are using shift types to register absences or overtime and you want to report them in Lohn AG, you have to ensure that those hours have the matching salary codes. Go to Settings > Schedule > Shift types and edit the shift type you want to apply the salary code for.

Lohn AG is working with the following specific salary codes for the shift types, which you can see here:

Finally, if you want to differentiate the hours between different employee groups for payroll purposes, you can also apply salary codes to those employee groups. Go to People > Employee groups > and edit the employee group to enter the salary code that you wish to associate with that group.

Still have questions? Reach out to Lohn AG's support team if you need help regarding this integration.

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